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Peroxide Bankai Tier List: Complete Bankai Guide & Moves

Welcome to our Peroxide Bankai Tier List, In this article we will show you Peroxide Best Bankai and How to Unlock Bankai in Peroxide Roblox.

Unlocking the Bankai is a significant achievement and provides a notable power spike for your character. This guide will walk you through each step necessary to achieve this form and unlock its true potential. If you are looking for more guidance, head over to our Roblox Peroxide Wiki page.

1. Requirements for Bankai:

Level Up: Ensure your character is at least Level 85. This shows you have acquired the necessary experience and skill level to harness Bankai.

Accumulate Points: Gather a total of 420 points. Here’s how:

Time Gates:

  • Victory: 75 points.
  • Loss: 25 points.

Time Bubbles (Bosses): 1 point for each 1% of the boss’s HP you deal.

Storm vastocar: 10 points if you deal the majority of the damage (a visual effect will play if you get the credit).

Invasions: Points awarded only if you’re Level 80 and above.

  • Stealing an object: 5 points.
  • Slaughtering guards: 12 points.
  • Killing a leader: 22 points.

Incursions: Earn 6 points for every NPC grip.

2. Confronting your Inner Spirit:

After accumulating the points, press N to meditate.

Engage in dialogue with your Inner Spirit. Prepare for a challenging fight as the spirit will be more formidable this time around.

Emergence as the victor in this duel brings you one step closer to Bankai.

3. Bankai Activation & Mastery:

Activation: Equip your Shikai and press G when the bar to the right fills up completely.

Duration: Initially, your Bankai mode will last for 33 seconds. With dedication and practice, this can extend up to a whopping 190 seconds. Increase this duration by:

  • Using the Bankai mode frequently.
  • Sparring with your Bankai spirit in your Inner World.

Bankai Abilities: Unlocking the Bankai grants you access to new moves instantly. Enhance these moves by:

  • Regularly using your Bankai.
  • Engaging in regular sparring sessions with your Inner Spirit.

Bankai Buffs: Upon activation, your character receives:

  • Strength: +20% (1.2x boost).
  • Spirit: +30% (1.3x boost).
  • Vitality: +25% (1.25x boost).

Tips & Tricks:

Stay Consistent: Engage in activities that award points daily to fast-track your Bankai progression.

Practice Makes Perfect: Spend as much time as possible in your Inner World, mastering your Bankai’s moves.

Team Up: Facing challenges with allies increases your odds of success, especially against formidable bosses.

That’s it for this Peroxide Bankai Tier List: Complete Bankai Guide & Bankai Moves. Make sure to visit our Roblox Game Guide database where you find more than 300+ guides for popular and trading roblox games.

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