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Phantom Brigade Guide Wiki & Walkthrough

What are supplies?

It is a general-purpose resource used for developing items/parts, developing technology trees, etc. It can be increased by fixed rewards for winning battles or by choosing to dismantle when salvaging.

300 materials are required to develop the aircraft frame・500 materials are required for one of the first upgrades of the base It may be smooth if you play while thinking

How do you increase supplies?

You can get them in the form of fixed rewards in battle, but you can control the acquisition to some extent by dismantling the parts.

In addition, the amount of materials obtained will change depending on the part to be dismantled. Since the dismantling cost is the same, I think that basically dismantling the torso parts will make it possible to obtain supplies efficiently.

Dismantling a torso gives him 42 supplies Dismantling a weapon (shield) gives him 25 supplies Dismantling an arm gives him 20 supplies

When can I increase the sortie slot?

At the beginning of the game, there will be 2 sortie slots. Releasing the first sector expands the sortie slot to 4 slots.

In the early stages, only 2 slots are used, and after the first sector, a maximum of 4 slots will be used, and new aircraft will not be issued.

When can we increase the number of units?

In order to increase the number of aircraft, we first need a base frame.

You can open the workshop by pressing F5, so you can develop from there. (An announcement will be made when the first sector is released, but it can be opened before that).When the development is completed, the frame of the base body will be added to the hangar, so don’t forget to place the parts and customize it.

Phantom Brigade Body Parts Stats Guide

Phantom Brigade Body Parts Stats Guide

Phantom Brigade Guide Wiki


About rays

The line of fire is displayed regardless of whether it is an enemy or an ally, but if it is a dotted line, the line of fire is blocked.
Since the enemy’s line of fire is displayed when building a turn, you can prevent unexpected hits by checking whether the attack actually passes through or whether it is actually safe because it does not pass through.

About Dash

Dash is a convenient action that allows you to take evasive action at once while removing the lock-on. However, not everyone can use it.

The mech must have boosters.

This can be determined by whether or not the item “thrust” is set for the body part.

About Concussion

In this game, the pilot’s own durability is set along with the durability of each mech’s parts.

Damage accumulates in the player by being hit during battle,
and if the player loses consciousness, even if the mech itself is safe, it will be treated as incapacitated.

If you are attacked from behind, you
will take more damage than usual, so protect your parts and control the pilot’s situation.

About Crash

In this game, there is a contact judgment between aircraft. If the aircraft collide with each other, they may crash, and you may be temporarily incapacitated by falling over.

Airframes have a weight class concept, so if you’re a light ‘Mech, you’d better avoid coming into contact with a heavy ‘Mech.
Conversely, if you’re a heavy mech, you may be able to kick the enemy’s mechs without worrying about it.

Field Map

Aircraft Repair – Mech Repair

On the field map, the aircraft will gradually recover while consuming a resource called “liquid repair”. If you’re going to have a series of battles, it’s a good idea to check to see if the aircraft has been repaired.

The status of the aircraft is displayed in the lower left, and the liquid repair resource is displayed in a blue gauge.

You can see that the liquid repair has been consumed and the aircraft has been repaired to 100%. For “Liquid Repair”, it is possible to select “Supply Option” by going near the supply base on the field . Keep an eye on your balance so you don’t run out of resources on the battlefield.

Phantom Brigade Map Guide


First of all, regarding the loot acquisition system, you will be given points for collection, so you can pick and choose parts as if you were shopping.

At this time, you will have to choose from the following three options, so let’s understand the contents of each.

Repair – RECOVER

Get the parts. If there is a part you want, please select this. The cost is high because it will be obtained after repair.

Dismantling – DISMANTLE

Dismantle parts and convert them into goods.

This is very important, and there is a resource called supplies. Supplies are used for crafting techniques and items, so
some people may give them a higher priority than parts.

Abandon – ABANDON

Abandon parts.

It costs nothing, but you get nothing.

Phantom Brigade Body Parts Stats Guide

Phantom Brigade Body Parts Stats Guide


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