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Pirates Destiny Beginner Guide – Complete Starter Guide

Welcome to our Pirates Destiny Beginner Guide – Complete Starter Guide, A One Piece Non-Canon Roblox spin-off game where the player creates their own character and explores the World, defeating various different Enemies and bosses, and creating a name for themselves.

In this Pirates Destiny Beginner Guide, we will tell you about ‎Mastery, ‎Blocking, ‎Stun, how to get Items & Gear, and much more. So come and take a look at this Pirates Destiny Guide.

Pirates Destiny Beginner Guide – Complete Starter Guide

1. Starting Out:

First Steps:

Start by talking to the Fisherman.

He’ll ask you to collect four apples, which are primarily located inside the city but can spawn anywhere.

Once the apples are collected, you will be directed towards “Bandit beating”.


By completing tasks, such as collecting apples, you will earn experience points (EXP). The game seems generous with the initial EXP, propelling you to higher levels faster.

Remember to allocate stat points efficiently early on, especially into the sword since you acquire one early in the game.

Read our Complete Pirates Destiny Level Guide if you want to Level Up Fast.


By using other skills, a purple bar on the right side of the Fighting Style/Sword/Fruit’s GUI will start going up, when it reaches the limit, a new skill is unlocked.

In case you don’t have any more moves to unlock, the bar disappears.


By pressing the “F” key, the player is able to block incoming attacks and abilities and also prevent itself from getting affected by stuns.

Block Break

The block has a “health bar” that is located left to the player.
When the block bar is depleted, it breaks and the player gets stunned for a period of time.

Certain skills can also pass through a block.


Some enemies like [“Axe Hand” Morgan MARINE SHELL [LVL35 – LVL100]] have special abilities that are able to stun the player.

Getting stunned makes you unable to move and attack for a bit of time, however, the player is able to avoid this by using the block system.


Just like those enemies, some skills usable by the players have stunning properties. With the right usage of this effect, some really good combos can be formed.

2. how to get Items & Gear:

Devil Fruits:

One of the significant draws of the game is the Devil Fruits.

Using the Devil Fruit Notifier, which is recommended to purchase, increases your chance to obtain legendary fruits.

Devil Fruits are directly tied with fragments, which can be obtained from raids or random drops.

Here is a complete Pirates Destiny Fruit Tier List


Early on, after certain quests, you’ll receive a cutlass. Access it via the inventory (M key) and equip it.

There’s also an option to purchase a fishing rod, essential for fishing quests in the game. Here is the complete Pirates Destiny Weapon Tier List & Location Guide

Game Shop:

The shop offers various game passes and items. New additions include the double coin, double mastery, and fruit notifier.

It’s advised to frequently check the shop for new and beneficial items.

3. Exploring New Locations & Quests:

Traveling Between Islands:

The map is essential for navigation. Islands like Cactus Island and Bartier have raids which are crucial for obtaining fragments.

Remember to set your spawn points on new islands to avoid lengthy backtracking.

Haki & Combat:

One of the islands, Arina, is where you unlock and learn about Haki. It’s essential for combat and progression.

Combat is relatively straightforward but requires mastery. There’s a mastery system where the more you use a particular skill or weapon, the better you become with it.


Raids are essential for earning fragments, which, in turn, help in acquiring Devil Fruits.

Engage in raids regularly, but be wary, they might require a high level or special equipment.

4. Recommendations & Tips:

Understanding the Game’s Mechanics:

Pirates Destiny, despite its initial simplicity, has deep mechanics. It’s essential to understand combat, blocking, and especially guard breaks.

Always update and upgrade your equipment and stats. With the right stats, challenges become more manageable.

That’s it for this Pirates Destiny Beginner Guide – Haki Location,

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