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Pirates Destiny Weapon Tier List & Location Guide

Roblox‘s Pirates Destiny has been released and This Pirates Destiny Weapon Tier List guide will provide you with the exact locations of all currently available weapons in the Roblox Pirates Destiny.

In Pirates Destiny, weapons are a crucial component, enhancing combat, aesthetics, and overall gameplay. In this guide, we’ll delve into every weapon available, demonstrating their moves and pinpointing their acquisition locations.

Pirates Destiny Weapon Tier List & Location Guide

1. Cutless:

Location: Starter town


  • Elbow Smash: Close-range powerful strike.
  • Air Slash: A medium-ranged aerial attack.

How to get: Obtain by defeating the Bandit leader at the Starter Island.

2. Mace:

Location: Cactus


  • Steel Leap: Jump and strike from above.
  • Steel Hurricane: Spin move dealing damage around you.
  • Steel Smash: Ground smashing attack creating a mini-quake.

How to get: Found in Cactus.

3. Tone:

Location: Barate Expedition


  • Tone Pass Leap: Powerful jump followed by a slash.
  • Tone F Barrage: Spin enemies in a circle.
  • Tone Reflect: Defensive move to reflect any incoming damage.

How to get: Barate Expedition location.

4. Claws:

Location: Maple Village


  • Panthers Leap: Leap attack.
  • Silent Slash: Swift slashing move.
  • Panthers Rage: Powerful multi-slash attack.

How to get: Defeat Captain Kuro in Maple Village.

5. Shark Blade:

Location: Unknown (Likely drops from Arlong)


  • Nose Dive: Aerial dive attack.
  • Guillotine Cut: A large area slash.
  • Overhead Slam: Powerful top-down attack.

How to get: Likely from defeating Arlong.

6. Battle Spear:

Location: Barate Expedition (Final Wave Boss)


  • Battle Vortex: Spinning spear attack.
  • Smash Smash: Powerful thrusts.
  • Spear Explode: Explosive long-range attack.

How to get: Defeat the final wave boss in the Barate Expedition.

7. Katana:

Location: Shelltown (From Sword dealer)


  • Rising Phoenix: Swift upward slash.
  • Crescent Dash: Horizontal sweeping attack.
  • Dragon’s Quake: Powerful ground smash.
  • Raging Fury: Multiple swift slashes.

How to get: Purchase from the Sword Dealer in Shelltown.

That’s it for this Pirates Destiny Weapon Tier List & Location Guide

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