Pixel Tribe Guide Wiki – Best Skills, Team & Money Guide

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Aaqib Javed
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Pixel Tribe, at first glance, can feel very difficult and tough to survive, especially if you’re new to this game. In this Pixel Tribe Guide Wiki, we’re going to talk about some of the best tips and tricks that will help you understand the basic information about how to earn money in Pixel Tribe.

Pixel Tribe is a strategy RPG with retro pixel art graphics. In this game, you act as a chief of a Viking tribe, Your main Goal is to build and upgrade your kingdom, raise a tribe of Vikings, craft weapons and armour, and fight with other players.  So come and take a look at this Pixel Tribe Guide Wiki – Best Skills, Team & Money Guide


Pixel Tribe Guide Wiki – Best Skills, Team & Money Guide

Best is to put all skill points in the same place. So int for mages and strength for fighters and so on.

Pretty easy to get gems without spending money so if you need to respec later on it’s fine.

Every viking can be any class, it depends on their gear you give them and where you put the skill points.

Here is some Pixel Tribe tips on FAQ that gets posted alot by new peeps:

Pixel Tribe Best team?

Meta is to have 3 mages or fighters + tank. But any team combo will work as long as you have a tank with taunt and stun. Reason to run 3 of the same is because they have magic or physical dmg up abilities that stacks. Only exception is archers, they dont have a dmg up ability so most people skip archers.

Quickest way to lvl up and earn gold?

Focus orders and if you really need money you can farm alot of wheat and sell to the trader. It’s really boring though, so try to just get orders done

What to spend gems on?

Save up gems for extra Vikings and membership, you will earn enough gems through the ads to keep the membership going. Try to get your 10 code usages spent for that sweet 1k gems.

I recommend first Viking – membership – second Viking. The passive healing from the membership is amazing.

That’s it for this Pixel Tribe Guide Wiki – Best Skills, Team & Money Guide, Tips are shared by DeeDee

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