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Have you just started playing Pocket Champs 3D Racing Game and don’t how to use Gadget in the game? You’ve come to the right place. Here we will cover Pocket Champs Best Gadgets guide and ranked by increasing rarity and then by decreasing usefulness guide.

We’ll also discuss some of the best strategies to choose the right card and how to play the Tournaments Strategically in the game. Pocket Champs 3D Racing Game idle game, where you unlock legendary gadgets and play against other players hundreds of opponents.

Pocket Champs Best Gadgets Guide Wiki


All are useless, once you get higher rarity gadgets (except for when required by an event).


5-use Sports – Used when their skill is required 4-5 times.
Winged Shoes – Used for the 1 map with 6 each of running & flying.
Backpacks – Used when there are 3 or fewer requirements for their skill and 1+ of those times are long/very long.
Magic – Used when there are 4 requirements for their skill and the first one is very short.


3-use Sports – Used when their skill is required 3 times.
2-use Mechas – Used when their skill is required 2 times.
Dragons – Used when their 2 skills are both required 2-3 times each.
Bubbles – Used when lacking an appropriate gadget.


Helix – Used when there are multiple swim/climb skills combined.
Bots – Used when their skill is required 4 times with a single short penalty skill or when required 2-4 times with no penalty skills.
Single Use – Used when their skill is required 1 time for a very long time.
Magics – Used when there is an equal number/distance of charging skill followed by boosted skill.


I started after this event, so I don’t have any. If you have these, then you’ve been playing long enough to know how/when to use them.

NOTE: These recommendations are assuming that your gadgets are all around the same levels. If you have a gadget that gives you a better boost, because it’s higher level than the suggested gadget above, use it instead.

Pocket Champs Guide Wiki

Choose the Right Card

See my suggested gadget usage & upgrade guide above. The “recommended” gadgets might not always be the best to use.

Pocket Champs Best Gadgets

Upgrade When Needed

See my suggested gadget usage & upgrade guide above. Not every gadget needs to be upgraded as soon as you have the parts to upgrade. Save your cash to upgrade the ones that you find yourself using the most often.

Make Sure You’re Always Training

As soon as your current training bag has been completed; open it, run a race to get a new bag, determine how long you’ll be away from the game, and start training on the lowest stat that lasts for as long as you’ll be away from the game (training happens even when the game isn’t running).

Pocket Champs Best Gadgets

Play the Events

Whenever you have event tickets, use them, even if there isn’t a main event going on. Also, make sure to get your 5 free tickets every day for watching ads. Prioritize the events in the following order:

1 – Short-term events that expire in 1 or 2 days.
2 – Long-term events that expire in a month or two.
3 – Permanent events with no expiration date.
4 – Special event wheels.
5 – Fortune Wheel.

Losing Can Sometimes Mean Winning

If you find that events/races are getting too hard because your opponents’ power is much higher than your own, you might have progressed up the trophy ladder too quickly.

Opponents are found around your same trophy level, not your same power level. Because of this, you may need to lose (come in 4th-6th place) several trophy races and drop down a few levels.

Pocket Champs GUIDE

Play the Tournaments Strategically

Tournaments are played asynchronously, just like all the other races in this game. This means that you are playing against a “ghost” of the other opponents in your tournament league, so they can’t see how many trophies you currently have.

Typically, 50-100 crowns are enough to get you 1st place, just make sure to check back before the tournament ends, to verify your placement.

That’s it for this Pocket Champs Best Gadgets and Pocket Champs 3D Racing Game Guide Wiki

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