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Clash Royale Poison Miner Hunter Deck for Arena 11+

Hi guys, Poison Miner Hunter Deck is here for you. This Poison Miner Hunter Deck is very good for Arena 11+ and You can use this Poison Miner Hunter Deck in Tournament and Grand Challenges. Your win condition is Miner used in tandem with Poison. Miner chips out the opponent’s tower while Poison takes value when they try to defend against the Miner. This combo is especially powerful when their tower is low on health So come and take a look at the full Poison Miner Hunter Deck guide

Poison Miner Hunter Deck

Poison Miner Hunter Deck Card Role:

1.) Miner Miner is the main win-condition of this deck. The miner is the most versatile card in this deck. I use him to take out elixir pumps, and princesses, The miner can deal hundreds of damage with ease, taking out a chunk of the tower HP most of the time. Keep in mind when using miner Always try to change his placement every time.

2.) Hunter: Hunter This card is very Good For 4 Elixir though, he has a lot of health and It can actually take out a Mini P.E.K.K.A if it’s dropped on top of the Hunter. The Hunter is an absolute beast on defense and can take out most units But you have to use this card to support your miner when going for a counter push

3.) Mega Minion The closest thing in the deck to a sub-tank, absolutely essential to defense. You MUST protect him with the stalling power of the ewiz/ice spirit/log. It’s best if it’s played near the bridge to take out support units on defense, and provides a good support system for any counter push you put up so long as it’s tanked for. Simply put, If you can keep it alive, it can take out anything pretty quickly.

4.) Poison: Poison is one of the strongest spells in the meta right now. This is because of the cards like Night Witch and Bats, Magic Archers which can be easily countered with Poison. Use Poison to clear out the area and restrict the opponents’ moves. It has a great synergy with Miner. Use it destroys buildings, glass cannons, swarms and finish of towers. It is also an extremely good and definitely the safest counter to Graveyard.

5.) Ice Spirit: This card provides so much value on offense and defense. It synergizes well with the Miner on offense and  If you combine this card with Hunter It provides a lot of positive elixir trades on defense.

6.) Knight: The Knight is a secondary Defensive Card, which is used to defend support troops, then counter push with a Miner. The Knight offers insane value for 3 elixirs, with his tankiness, and ability to fight back, unlike the ice golem. He can be used to distract support troops,

7.) Log: Simply the cheap spell to help clean up. Most players should know how to use the log, and that it is easily replaceable with zap/arrows in most decks, depending on the role the log is used for. In this deck, the log is better served to stall large tanks rather than supporting pushes (it can’t reach the miner)

8.) Tornado: It is an area damage spell with a wide radius and moderate damage. The spell can be effectively used with the Hunter, the attacking units will be brought into Hunter attack range automatically, which will remove low-moderate hitpoint troops from a rush.

Hunter Miner Deck Strategy:

The Strategy of this deck is the same as your usual Miner Control Deck As you can see, this is a cheap elixir deck You have to deal with damage by using the Miner as a tanker followed by cheap units like Ice Spirit and Log. This deck is all about defending and counterpunching, and chipping!

If you have the Miner in hand, you can directly go to his tower to check what cards he will use to counter your Miner If they have Goblins and no Barrel, I would maybe use a Miner in front of Tower+ pre-emptive Log for an example. This will allow you to get the Log damage+ Miner damage.

Hunter and Knight will be your main defensive card, You can use Tornado to activate your knight tower and Miner will help you to take out the opponent pump and Princess

So, guys, that’s it for Clash Royale Poison Miner Hunter Deck for Arena 11+ I hope you liked

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