Top 26 Pokemon Legends Arceus Tips 2022 (PLA GUDIE)

Welcome to our Pokemon Legends Arceus Tips aka PLA Guide, In this Pokemon Legends Arceus Guide, we will show you the Top 26 Pokemon Legends Arceus Tips. While some of the mechanisms in Pokemon Legends: Arceus are identical to those in previous games, there are several differences that you should be aware of.

We’re going to provide you with Top 26 Pokemon Legends Arceus Tips (PLA TIPS) and methods in this Pokemon Legends: Arceus beginner’s guide to help you capture ’em all. You can also check out our: PLA Pokedex List – Pokemon Legends Arceus Pokedex

Pokemon Legends Arceus Tips

Top 26 Pokemon Legends Arceus Tips 2022 (PLA Guide)

1. You must Catch All  Pokemon To Encounter Arceus Post Game, Darkrai/Shaymin are not included

2. There is a Shiny Charm in the Game, You must get Every pokemon in the Dex to Research Level 10 To Obtain It

3. The 2 Starters you didn’t choose are available Post Game via gift by the professor or can be caught in the wild

4. Picking a starter seems to be shinily locked, not 100% sure on that but the consensus is that it is locked,

5. Arceus seems to be Shiny Locked

6. All legends are shiny locked

7. There seems to be no stat Difference between Alphas and Normals besides the alphas having a slight Effort Levels boost

8. Wisps for Spiritomb Quest are 100x Easier to spot at Nighttime In-Game, 107 total to find

9. Both Origin Forms of Dialga and Palkia are obtainable

10. You cannot save before distortion and reset to find it still there

11. Shiny Charm Seems to Have Really High Rates, I found 3 shinies within 30 minutes but i could just be lucky, 2 were back to back

12. If you’re catching Pokemon in battle, status effects help a lot (even more than in the main series).

13. If you’re catching Pokemon in the field, you can throw a preferred food, sneak behind, and use a heavy ball. Very good catch rate as well.

14. Status effects last 3 Turns in battle

15. You start off with 8 pastures/ boxes to store pokemon but unlock more as the boxes fill up

16. Can release multiple Pokemon At Once

17. There is a move Tutor

18. You can Rename Arceus

19. All evolutionary Items can be acquired via Merit Points Shop, Most are also available from distortions.

20. Trade Evos are not required due to Link Cable Item

21 Must leave the area to refresh pokemon spawns

22. Pokemon Do NOT Follow you Around

23. Most baby Pokemon rarely spawn except for Mime Jr. and Mantyke

24. Friendship Checker is unlocked via side Request Npc By Pastures

25. Snowpoint Temple Answers: Rock Steel Ice, Ice Rock Steel Rock Ice, Steel Ice Rock Ice Steel Rock

26. Uxie Trial Answer: 60131

So, guys, That’s it for this Pokemon Legends Arceus Tips (PLA Guide), For more information make sure to check out our Pokemon Legends Arceus Wiki & Guides List