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Clash Royale Prince Firecracker Log Bait Deck Arena 10+

Prince Firecracker Log Bait Deck

Prince Firecracker Log Bait Deck Arena 10 Hi guys I am back with Prince Firecracker Log Bait Deck for Arena 10+ so guys Bait Deck is very strong right now because a lot of players are using the Firecracker in this meta, This Prince Firecracker Log Bait Deck Arena 10+ is a very fast pace deck and we all know that Bait decks require some skill to play because you need to get value from every card and know which ones to save for defence and offence so come and take a look at this Prince Firecracker Log Bait Deck Arena 10+ guide

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Prince Firecracker Log Bait Deck Arena 10

Prince Firecracker Log Bait Deck Card Role:

1.) Prince: Prince is your main tank killer, He has a lot of counter push potential especially if you can bait out the opponent’s log spell. I strongly advise not trying to punish your opponent with the prince on the bridge, He is as an amazing card on offensive card as well as defense, able to take care of countless threats. Use him defensively to take care of heavy tanks and support by placing him behind the Rascals, allowing him to take care of the supports then charge over to the tank and take it down with ease.

2.) Princess: Princess is a good support card in this deck, if the opponent has minion horde you should play a high princess to support the prince when possible. Try to keep her alive if you play her in the opposite lane, this can result in your opponent playing their log which means you can then go ahead and punish them with Goblin Barrel and She will help to take out support troops against a big push. Getting more than one princess on the mall will force your opponent to use their big spell if they have one unless they want to take a lot of damage.

3.) Firecracker: Very versatile and very good on both offence and defence, They are also the best opening move in the game according to some people, as you don’t have to commit to one lane, and also they are a cheap method of investing Elixir as well. She will help to take out support troops against a big push.

4.) Goblin Barrel: Goblin barrel is a good card to use to punish your opponent once you’ve baited out their small spell. It synergies well with the prince on offence. it also will get a lot more damage if you have troops like the rascal boy or prince tanking tower damage. Use this card to play mind games with your opponent and make them screw up with your tricky barrel placements.

5.) Rocket: Rocket is your heavy spell and it’s great for cycling towards the end of the game or you can use it to take down elixir collectors. Try to take value when using this card, I would usually rocket anything that costs five elixirs or more if you can also hit their tower at the same time. Remember, if your aiming for an air troop, then aim aim for their shadow not to the actual unit.

6.) Log: Log is used so that you can kill Goblins from that Goblin Barrel, or push back troops while getting that sweet chip damage on the tower. My favourite Spell and Legendary Card, its versatility is enough to make anyone’s head roll trying to figure out how to deal with it. It can be used against Barrels, ground swarms of any size, and even moves tanks closer to the Inferno Tower!

7.) Goblin Gang: Your main ground swarm. These little guys are meant to draw out your opponents’ Log or Zap. You can also use these mischievous green goblins to punish your opponent for tons of damage on the tower. They are good for cheap cycling too!

8.) Rascals: This card fits extremely well into this deck, if you can bait out your opponents log with goblin gang or Goblin Barrel then you can use the rascals to pressure your opponent. I wouldn’t recommend splitting them because they’re stronger together a solo rascal doesn’t really do much damage.

Prince Firecracker Log Bait Deck Tips:

Early game you can start out the match with a princess behind your king tower or you can also cycle Goblin Gang at the bridge. Don’t play your prince until you know what your opponent is playing in case you need him for defence. If they start out with an aggressive hog rider then you can use play goblin gang to counter the hog. Try to always get chip damage throughout the match with your spells and troops like Goblin Gang, Goblin Barrel because it’ll increase your win rate.

Figure out what deck your opponent is using so you know what units you need to keep on cycle to counter their win condition. Don’t go offensive in the first minute. Keep chipping at the Tower but don’t over commit. Don’t over commit, bait decks are designed to apply pressure at the right time and if you over-commit then you could be at an elixir disadvantage for the rest of the match.

Try to control the tempo of the match and get a good damage advantage early on. Have rocket ready to take any spell value that can take out any units worth 5 elixirs or more. Going into double elixir you should have a good damage advantage against any beat down archetype you’re up against. This allows you to focus on defending and applying pressure after a successful defence.  If it’s overtime you can play princess at the bridge if you just need a couple of hundred HPs in order to rocket their tower.

Thanks For Reading, Have Fun

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