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Rascals Goblin Barrel Deck Arena 10+ | Princess Goblin Barrel Deck

Rascals Goblin Barrel Deck Arena 10+

Rascals Goblin Barrel Deck Arena 10+ | Princess Goblin Barrel Deck Hi guys today Rascals Goblin Barrel Deck Arena 10+ I will show you Rascals Goblin Barrel Deck Arena 10 + | Princess Goblin Barrel Deck 2019, This is new style bait deck and I have been playing around with this super fun Rascals Goblin Barrel Deck Arena 10+ bait deck that has been super fun to play with but quite consistent. In this Rascals Goblin Barrel Deck Arena 10+ We have rascals, bandit and canon cart to defence and Goblin Barrel, Princess and Poison for chip damage so come and take a look at this Rascals Goblin Barrel Deck Arena 10 + | Princess Goblin Barrel Deck  

Rascals Goblin Barrel Deck Arena 10+ | Princess Goblin Barrel Deck 2019Rascals Goblin Barrel Deck Arena 10+ Card Role:

1.) Goblin Barrel: The Goblin Barrel is your main win condition.  Paired with an Rascals, it is a great punishment for beat down decks.

Placements are not too important and I advise that you always use the middle placement unless you know they have Tornado or The Log. When your opponent has used up their counter to the Goblin Barrel (Arrows, Zap or Log ), send your barrel right away for immediate chip damage.


2.) Princess The Princess isn’t all that versatile these days, but in bait decks, she’s a beast. If your opponent has no proper response to the Princess, stacking Princesses will be devastating.

Not only does the Princess provide loads of bait potential, but she also synergizes very well with the Rascals and Cannon cart, providing so much value against beatdown decks.


3.) Poison: Poison is a very powerful card, in my opinion the best mid-high damage spell right now in the meta. We see it everywhere, from Golem decks to Giant decks to Miner and Hog decks.

Here we use it as a support spell and also for nice chip damage. In single Elixir it’s best to stay conservative and only use it as a reactive card as opposed to with Goblin Barrel or in counter pushes.

Feel free to swap with Fireball or Rocket, if you want better air defense, but you will lose the great Poison synergy with Goblin Barrel.

Use against glass cannons, Pump, the like. It’s also easy to cycle Poison near end of match in Double Elixir due to great cycling ability.


4.) Cannon Cart – Like I said, awesome defender and a surprise card! I absolutely love this card. In this deck, it is plain awesome!

Always use it in a counter push. Never use it as fast as you can, since this deck doesn’t have an E-Pump, you really can’t place cards as fast with an E-Pump.

This is like a Mini PEKKA, use it on defense, never on offense. It has a long list of counters, but due to its range, speed and element of surprise, it bypasses these weaknesses.


5.) Log: Finally, the Log- one of my favorite legendaries Can be used as a prediction against squishies when doing front-Tower Goblin Barrel placements. Get value logs and chip away at the Tower.

In Double Elixir don’t be afraid to Log cycle the Tower, as you can cycle quickly and the opponent can’t punish (remember you have Princess and Rascals for swarms too.)


6.) Goblin Gang: It is effective against Knight, Bandit, Prince, Minions, Mini P.E.K.K.A., P.E.K.K.A., Giant, and other tanks.  They’re much more of a threat, and IMO are officially better than Skeleton Army.

Yeah they give up a hit to Hogs and are less “swarmy”, but they are Zap resistant, can target air, and are easier to level up.

And even better, are more likely to deal damage when placed at the bridge (sometimes the Spear gobs get hits off if the Gang gets countered with a Log or Arrows).

Use them against aggro troops like Elite Barbarians and P.E.K.K.A, and against pretty much most win conditions(probably not Balloon) like Miners, Graveyard (if they don’t get spelled away that is), Hogs, etc. And of course, Royal Giants(Ugh).

7.) Bandit: She’s your main offensive support. Coming in at whopping 3 Elixir and dealing 160 dmg(320 dash dmg), with 780 HP at lvl 1 or tourney standard, Bandit is perfect for placing behind a Rascals and destroying towers with ease.

She’s not only your best offensive support, she’s also a major defensive card in this deck. Her dash, and just general 160 DPS is perfect for killing small to medium HP cards.

8.) Rascals: The Rascal boy is basically a Mini-Tank wielding a wooden sword while Rascal Girls are squishy ranged support wielding slingshots with Double Trouble Gum as the projectile.

Play Rascals. Wait for opponent to use The Log. Throw in Goblin Barrel and Goblin Gang. Ah, the feeling.

Rascals Goblin Barrel Deck Arena 10+ Gameplan:

This deck is mainly a control deck but it also has blitz components like the  Rascals and chip components like the Goblin Barrel and Princess

Before double elixir time, this deck is slow and must be played very controlled. Make positive elixir trades and punish your opponent for bad moves.

In double elixir time, you can now play very aggressively. Constantly pressure your opponent with the Counter Pushes and the Goblin Barrel.

Defend enemy pushes then counter push quickly. Keep on doing this and you will eventually take their tower by chipping away at it.

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I had a great deal of success with this fun Rascals Goblin Barrel Deck Arena 10+ | Princess Goblin Barrel Deck 2019

I hope that it will help you reach your ladder goals whilst enjoying being different and challenging yourself. Feel free to comment me if you have anything you want to discuss about it

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