Princess Tales Tier List 2023 & Beginners guide

Princess Tale is an adventure RPG developed by Gamepub for mobile. The game is now available for Android and Ios. In this article, we will show you Princess Tales Tier List and Princess Tales beginners guide. Princess Tale has more than 40+ characters in the game and their grades only start off at normal heroes and elite heroes but can promote them to S+ heroes can be promoted to SSS.

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So let’s take a look at this Princess Tales Tier List 2023 & Princess Tales Beginners guide.

Princess Tales Beginners Guide ( Basic Tips )

1. Stars are only for Gacha/Pulls, Queen’s Tiaras, and 24h Gold from Shop.

2. Always Use the Auto,10 NEVER Recommended

3. Use only B tier Princesses as fodder The ones that start with a blue color border

4. Buy Goddess Jewels with gold from the shop daily but DON’T use stars on them.

5. Try to do the Maze every day, use your maze coins on Queen’s Tiaras only.

O. If you’re stuck at a stage try the following: Swap your units and or positions around, try several times, otherwise wait for AFK rewards.

7. Only buy gear with guild tokens but also don’t overinvest in gear that Isn’t Red

8. DO NOT Promote your Princesses to S without having another A+ copy of it. Fodder is important DON’T WASTE IT.

9. Patience is KEY in this game, it’s an IDLE game, there is no need to rush, just play every day and you’ll become stronger.

10. NEVER DO SINGLE PULLS! even with normal tickets or elemental tickets. only x10Princess Tales Beginners guide

Princess Tales Wishlist

After clearing 1-3 you should set up your wishlist like this. The blue units give you a higher chance to get the same princess more often.

Princess Tales Beginners guide


Princess Tales Promotion Guide

Promotion breakdown, You’ll need a total of 8 copies of the same Elite Princess + a lot of fodder to promote to SSS
Princess Tales Promotion guidePrincess Tales Tier List for Advent PVE Only

Princess Tales Tier List guide

This is a Princess Tale Tier List and This Tier list is categorized into 6 tiers from Superb to worst.

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Princess Tale Game Description

Princess Tale is an adventure RPG developed by Gamepub for mobile. The heroes began to pledge their allegiance to the Demon Queen. With wonder, they proclaimed: “She’s prettier than the Goddess who was our comrade in arms 50 years ago!” Yes. The heroes’ allegiance to the Goddess was because of her beauty. But now, the Demon Queen, who is more beautiful than her, has arrived.

Princess Tale has beautiful princesses and those Princess will take action and save the world from the Demon Queen’s evil influence with adorable princesses.

In Princess Tale every player gets free 2,700 Gems (10 summons) every day for 7 days since your first day of login, I think which very good for new players It will help them summons more princess. It is a completely different level of support for newbies.

You can Download princess Tale from App Store and Play Store Download Link below


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