Production Chain Tycoon Guide Wiki for Beginners

This Production Chain Tycoon guide Wiki has everything you need to know, from gameplay details to tips on building like Warehouses, Roads, Woodcutter huts, Stone-pit, Carpenter, Charcoal Furnaces, and Iron mines.

Production Chain Tycoon is an idle simulation game where players manage an industrial empire as CEOs. The game involves optimizing the supply chain, balancing production with demand, and managing resources and logistics to ensure factories run smoothly.

As you progress in the game, You will have to expand your operations, research and develop new technologies, and overcome increasingly complex supply and demand chains. So come and take a look at this Production Chain Tycoon Guide Wiki for Beginners

Production Chain Tycoon Guide Wiki for Beginners


Carpenter: The carpenter produces boards from wooden logs.

Charcoal Furnace: The charcoal furnace produces charcoal from wooden logs.

Iron Mine: The iron mine is the first factory that creates Iron Ore.

Road: A road is used to connect buildings to a Warehouse, needed for factories to operate. Roads automatically joint together and to factories.

Stone pit: A stone pit is the second factory built in the game, during the initial walkthrough.

Warehouse: The warehouse is used to store and provide access to basic resources.

Production buildings need to be connected to a warehouse to work. The warehouse can be placed right next to the building, or it can be connected to it using roads.

Woodcutter hut: The woodcutter hut is the first factory built when playing the game.


Iron Ore: Iron Ore is mined from Iron Mine. It is the 6th resource available in the game.

Stone: Stone is a base resource the player has access to when beginning the game. It is required in order to produce wooden logs.

Wood: Wood is the first resource in the game. Stone is required to produce wood.

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