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Project Baki 3 Level Guide Wiki – Max Level and Level Up Fast

Welcome to Project Baki 3 Level Guide, In this article we will show you Project Baki 3 Max Level and How to Level Up Fast in Project Baki 3. The game’s player level can reach incredibly high levels, as the producers raise the cap with nearly every update.

Furthermore, when you level up, you can gain skill points that enhance your health and damage. As a result, if players wish to compete against other players, they must level up quickly.

So come and take a look at this Project Baki 3 Level Guide – Max Level and How to Level Up Fast in Project Baki 3.

Project Baki 3 Level Guide Wiki – Max Level and Level Up Fast

1. Starting Out:

  • Spawn Locations: Players can spawn in different locations including in front of the gym.
  • Tutorial: Begin by reading the tutorial which explains basics for beginners.

2. Your First Leveling Steps:

  • Street Fighting: You’ll start with street fighting as your initial style.
  • Heading to the Gym: Buy a membership ticket and protein shakes.
  • First Exercise: Hit the bag until level five. Other exercises include sit-ups, squats, and push-ups.

3. Level 5-20:

  • Basketball Area Quest: Talk to the NPC near the basketball area. Accept his quest to kill five thugs. These thugs are fairly easy to kill with street fighting.

4. Level 20-40:

Choosing a Style: At level 20, players can choose from styles like Kung Fu, Boxing, Muay Thai, etc. For starters, Kung Fu is recommended.

Kung Fu Skills: Skills in Kung Fu include tiger stance, counter, ground kick, and praying mantis. Equip skills by selecting them and pressing the corresponding key.

5. Level 40-100:

Shadow Boxing: At the dojo, engage in Level 2 Hard Shadow Boxing. You’ll fight against your shadow in this exercise. This is great practice until you reach level 100.

6. Level 100-140:

Karate Students: After completing Shadow Boxing, talk to an NPC and engage in fights against karate students. This can be done until around level 200.

7. Level 140-200:

  • Hand Pocket Style: At level 140, it’s recommended to switch to the Hand Pocket style. It’s a powerful low-level style with five distinct moves.

8. Level 200+:

  • Advanced Training: There are various methods to continue leveling up.
    • Killing Yasha: This unlocks the suburbs and offers access to many styles.
    • Fighting Prisoners: Located in the tundra, beating them offers unique styles.

9. Efficient Leveling Tips:

Protein Shakes: Always have them for buffs and ease of training.

Using Styles: Styles like Baki’s are effective for high levels. For instance, throw rocks at bosses like Pickle to weaken and defeat them.

Investing in the Game: Purchasing the starter pack can boost you instantly to level 400.

10. Alternate Leveling Methods:

Purchasing Bundles: If possible, buy bundles to make grinding easier.

AFK Leveling: Use the premium version for about two levels per hour. It’s useful when you can’t play actively.

Mobility Relics: Helpful for faster movement in the game.

That’s it for this Project Baki 3 Level Guide


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