Project Winter Mobile Beta Download Now (APK Link)

Hello there, everyone! Welcome to our Project Winter Mobile Beta Download Beginner’s Article. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get Project Winter Mobile Beta Apk. Boltrend Games created this Project Winter mobile game. They’ve worked on a number of big games, including Fantasy Life Online, Graffiti Smash, and others.

Project Winter is an 8-player multiplayer game about deception and survival in a hostile environment. The survivors’ ultimate aim of escape requires communication and coordination. Come together to gather resources, repair structures, and confront the wilderness.

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Project Winter Mobile Beta Apk Download

1st Test: January 11, 17:00 and January 20, 17:00 (UTC-8)

Platform: Google Play

Who can join the Project Winter Mobile test: Players from USA and Canada.

You can download Project Winter Mobile via the links below.

Download Now – Project Winter Mobile Apk Link

Project Winter Mobile Beta Download Now (APK Link)

Project Winter Mobile Features

Play online with 7 other players as your attempt to survive with your teammates or outlast them all.

Survivors cannot escape unless they work together. Players who wander off on their own will have difficulty surviving the elements, can fall victim to hostile wildlife, or become easy targets for the traitors.

Communication is key if the survivors have any hope of escaping. There are several ways to communicate with other players:
proximity-based voice chat, private voice chat radio channels, text chat and emotes

The traitors are outnumbered and weak when the game begins, they may infiltrate the survivors and earn their trust while they build up their strength. Survivors can never be 100% sure of who to trust. The traitors can take advantage of this by spreading lies, and pitting the survivors against each other.

Play the game how you want with multiple game modes including basic, normal, and custom-made! Add some flair to your character with cosmetics that can be bought with our in-game currency earned after each match

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