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Pubg Mobile Chicken Expert Achievement Tips 2020

Pubg Mobile Chicken Expert Achievement Tips 2019

Pubg Mobile Chicken Expert Achievement Tips 2020 Hi guys Pubg Mobile Chicken Expert Achievement Tips 2020 blue_velvet87  is back with another Pubg Mobile Achievement Guide. This time we will take a look at Pubg Mobile Chicken Expert Achievement, How to get Chicken Expert Title in Pubg Mobile so Guys blue_velvet87 Just completed the Pubg Mobile Chicken Expert Achievement after dozens of attempts, resulting in the title of Chicken Master. Because no one else has talked about how to become a  Chicken Expert in Pubg Mobile, I thought I’d share some quick advice on how others can earn it too.

Quick warning: unless you can consistently place in the top 10 in Solo Platinum+ matches, it’s advisable that you do not attempt this, as it may cause your hair to fall out prematurely.

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The Chicken Master simply requires you to do the following

Pubg Mobile Chicken Expert Achievement | Chicken Expert Pubg Mobile

In sum, this requires you to win, at minimum, 10 Solo Platinum+ games. Assuming you have an overall win rate of 10-20%, you may need to play 50-100 games before you become a true Chicken Master.

GENERAL STRATEGY FOR ALL WEAPON TYPES * Play Sanhok as much as possible, due to the overall speed of the match being at least 20-30% faster than Erangel or Miramar. * Always try to carry at least 2 weapon types that you need to complete, in case you’re in a Top 10 situation which is unsuitable for 1 or more of your intended weapon types.

For example, if you need to kill using a melee weapon but are faced with an empty field as the final circle, you can switch to something else like a throwable weapon. * Alternate between Solo-FPP and Solo-TPP depending on what weapon type you need to finish.

For example, when trying to land the winning blow with a grenade, you greatly increase your chances of landing the killing blow in TPP rather than FPP, given that you can keep your final target in view while priming your grenades.


For melee and crossbow weapon types, your best bet is to play on Sanhok because of stealth and match speed, or Erangel because of stealth as well as a higher diversity weapon spawns (sometimes it can be difficult to find Crossbows on Sanhok!).

For melee weapons, the only one worth a damn is the pan. All others have weaker damage output, and don’t offer the same bulletproof protection that the pan does.

It goes without saying that you’ll need to be in the final circle–Circle #7–before you have a good chance of getting a kill with a melee weapon.

However, this is also true for the Crossbow, given its extremely short effective range–unless you want to compensate for some major bolt drops, you’ll need to be within about 20 meters of your enemy in order to shoot accurately.

For attempting a melee weapon kill, you’ll want to take lots of stun grenades, and spam them at the final enemy. Once stunned, go in for the kill. If you don’t have any stuns, and your enemy is proning in the grass, you can try making a mad dash toward him, circling around him while frantically swinging your weapon.

Don’t worry, you will still hit the enemy even if they are proning on the ground!

For crossbows, while you need to be close to the enemy, you’ll also want to try to maintain some cover and/or distance between you given the extremely slow reload speed of the crossbow.

Playing in TPP mode is probably your best bet with crossbows, as it will allow you to line up your shot before you physically peek around a corner to expose yourself to the final enemy.


For shotguns, you’ll need to be fairly close to the final enemy. Because of this close proximity, you may only have literally 1 shot at the enemy. For this reason, the pump-action S1897 shotgun is NOT the ideal weapon to use; the double-barrel S686 or automatic S12K are much more suitable.

For pistols, the P18C is a beast, and functions more as an SMG than a pistol. If you can find it, this should function as your pistol of choice.

For throwables, the only damage-dealing throwable weapons are grenades and molotovs. You’ll want to stock up on both, with at least 3 grenades and however many molotovs you care to carry.

The strategy with grenades is simply to first confirm where the final enemy is located, and then spam, spam, spam. Do not spam your grenades until you are 99% sure where the final enemy is located!


Light Machine Guns are incredibly difficult to find, and include only the DP-28 (world spawn / bot weapon) and the M249 (air drop only).

As you’ll probably want to avoid air drops during your play, that effectively means you are limited to finding and using the DP-28.

The DP-28 is only found on Erangel as a natural world spawn; on Miramar and Sanhok, it’s either super incredibly rare and/or only found from bots! Once you can find the DP-28, however, you should be golden.

As for vehicles, you’ll also want to play on Erangel, as final circles tend to be flatter and contain fewer boulder-like obstacles that final enemies might hide behind.


No explanation should be necessary for these easiest of weapon types, except to say that Sanhok is the most efficient place to complete them.

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