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Pubg Mobile Georgopol Crates Guide – How to survive Georgopol

Pubg Mobile Georgopol Crates Guide – How to survive Georgopol

Hi, guys srideep here with Pubg Mobile Georgopol Crates Guide so today I will tell you some Tips about you Georgopol Crates Pubg Mobile , we all know that Georgopol Crates is one of the best loot Location of Pubg Mobile so in this guide I will tell you some key point which will help you to  survive in Georgopol Crates Pubg Mobile so come and take a look at this How to survive in Georgopol Crates Pubg Mobile guide

Georgopol place is a shipping port. There are a few warehouses and plenty of shipping containers. The majority of the good loot is on top of the containers, but it can be very risky since you become an open target on top of those containers.

Georgopol is very open and you’ll often find yourself in long range gunfights.

Just west of Georgopol there’s a small town and just south of that town is a hospital with some good loot as well. I’d advise you loot quickly because the circle is very likely to land far from there.

  1. Land on crates farthest from flight path – Most players are always in a hurry to land as soon as possible so they land on the nearest crates they can find. Try to land on the farthest crate if you don’t want to die as soon as you land.

  2. If you have a shit phone and it takes time for crates to load for you just jump at 850-800m and later glide down to crates. This way you’ll be able to avoid early fights and crates will load faster than usual.

  3. Find a AR or SMG. Don’t pick snipers unless you have a shroud-like aim. VSS IS GOOD FOR EARLY FIGHT. DP-28 IS BEST.

  4. Knock out any enemy in your range. DON’T RUSH TO FINISH, YOU’LL END UP BEING KILLED FROM SOMEWHERE.

  5. Vest and helmet is absolutely necessary. Now that you’ve looted a section of crates tell your ‘mates to follow you. If they’re random they prob won’t give a fuck but it’s worth spamming “form up on me”.

  6. Now just flank from one crate to the other. Please do this from the outside or else you’ll get shot from either the towers or warehouses. Avoid the center of georgo crates for now. If you have good gear then you can flank towards your enemy. I recommend a long path because you can loot on the way and you won’t be killed from behind.

  7. If you encounter a squad just knock the enemy down. Finish only if you have clear sight. If the knocked enemy gets to cover don’t rush. Instead flank again and kill from behind. This way you can also knock the enemy who was trying to give rev.

  8. Warehouse is the best cover for your squad. Rushing an enemy squad holed up in a warehouse is difficult, so just nade instead if you can.

  9. At some point georgo will become silent. That doesn’t mean there’s no more enemies. Just stay alert. Check the towers. Some fucker will kill you with DP 4x spray.

  10. Loot remaining crates. Try not to get mad if you get killed by a snake in nearby grass. Shit happens. If you don’t have the zone, just boost up and loot anyway.

  11. At this point your only worry is enemies coming from the north of three warehouses. Scout the hill at the north. Often there’s some noob sniper having great ambitions. Just do a DP spray and they’re dead.


Best guns for surviving Georgopol

  • DP-28 with 3x, 4x or 6x.
  • M416 with 3x.
  • M762 with holo (this gun is better than M416).

Feel free to ask questions or share some of your game knowledge in the comments.

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