Ragnarok X Next Generation Classes Tier List 2023

Welcome to our Ragnarok X Next Generation Classes Tier List, which provides a comprehensive overview of all available Ragnarok X Next Generation Classes as well as their associated skills with Second and Third Job.

Ragnarok X Next Generation is a 3D MMORPG mobile game developed by Gravity Interactive, Inc. RoX currently has six separate classes, each with two sub-classes or Jobs. Every job has its own playstyle and unique power and skills. so without wasting any time let’s get started.

Ragnarok X Next Generation Classes Tier List

Ragnarok X Next Generation Classes Tier List

1.) Sniper: Sniper is a sharpshooter who is great at treating apart the enemy from a distance and capable of breaking enemy defense in early battle.

Sniper has 2 Class 

  1. Archer 
  2. Hunter

2.) Lord Knight: Lord Knight can be the most impenetrable barrier on the battlefield, but he also has the ability to strengthen himself, allowing him to attack and defend effectively.

Lord Knight has 2 class 

  1. Swordsman 
  2. Knight

3.) Assassin Cross: Assassin Cross is a blade that lurks in the shadows, aiming for the enemy’s weak areas, and never misses a chance to strike back.

Assassin Cross has 2 class 

  1. Thief
  2. Assassin

4.) High Wizard: High Wizard is a wise man who uses magic to create ranged attacks of various attributes and snatch the victory.

High Wizard has 2 class 

  1. Mage 
  2. Knight

5.) White-Smith: Whitesmith can see through the weakness of an enemy’s weapon and strike them accordingly because of his outstanding forging talents.

Whitesmith has 2 class 

  1. Merchant
  2. Blacksmith

6.) High Priest: High Priest has great support and control ability, and is the key role to influence the battlefield situation.

High Priest has 2 class 

  1. Acolyte 
  2. Priest

That’s all guys for this Ragnarok X Next Generation Classes Tier List. For more Game Tier Lists You can also read our The Tower Idle Tower Defense Tier List and Call of Dragons Tier List 

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