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Clash Royale Ram Rider Pekka Skeleton Dragons Deck

Pekka Skeleton Dragons Deck

Ram Rider Pekka Skeleton Dragons Deck, Hi guys, Today I will show you Ram Rider Pekka Skeleton Dragons Deck Arena 12+ is incredibly strong against beat down decks, hog rider decks, royal giant etc. The Ram Rider Pekka Skeleton Dragons Deck combo allows you to pressure both lanes with Pekka and Ram rider, you can play the Pekka behind your king tower and save the mini Ram Rider for the other lane so come and take a look at this Ram Rider Pekka Skeleton Dragons Deck Arena 12+

Card Role:

Pekka: This is the main win condition of this Pekka Skeleton Dragons Deck, obviously. She is excellent against beat down decks, hog rider decks, royal giant etc, which is extremely popular in the current metagame. Since she has a 7 Elixir costs so. I usually place her at the back so I can have enough Elixir to launch the big push when she is about to cross the bridge I drop my Skelton Dragon for swarm troops and ready with Lightning for Inferno Dragon/Tower. The P.E.K.K.A will be mainly used against tanks like Golem, Giant, Big tank pushes as well as against Hog Riders.

Electro Wizard: this card is a must in Pekka decks because I’ve seen a lot of sparkies and Inferno dragons in this meta and Electro Wizard will help your save your P.E.K.K.A from being melted against an Inferno Dragon/Tower. His stun mechanic allows him to be played on defense at almost any time. Slows down tanks well and also chips a little at the support troops. PEKKA+E Wiz means not much is going to get through and can completely devastate even the largest of pushes.

Skeleton Dragons: This card pairs extremely well with the Pekka. Its splash is vital to the success of this Pekka Skeleton Dragon Deck, In this Deck, the Skeleton Dragona often gets behind the Pekka to take care of Minions and does general chip damage. Even if it is not very expendable, four Elixir is a small investment to be a quick tank in many defensive situations.

Bandit: In this deck bandit is your main offensive support, Bandit is perfect for placing behind a Pekka and destroying towers with ease. She’s not only your best offensive support, but she’s also a major defensive card in this deck. The Bandit can be placed behind a Pekka or paired with a ram rider for a surprisingly strong push. She can also be used on defense to clean up medium health units. She is now much more viable against enemies and efficient at chip damage.

Barbarian Barrel: The Barbarian Barrel can be used in a similar manner to The Log,  The Barbarian Barrel is a decent counter to a Graveyard push itself. Wait for some Skeletons to build up, then deploy the barrel. After it finishes rolling, the Barbarian will help take out and tank some of the Skeletons.

Ram Rider: This card is best if you played it correctly, Ram Rider has the unique ability to snare cards, which reduces their movement speed by 85% while also damaging them. You should always support the ram rider tank push with either the Snowball or Skeleton Dragons to really clear the swarm troops,  Snowball works especially well with the Ram Rider since it pushes units away and keeps them away with her snare.

Lightning: This card is very versatile and very use full against, Inferno Dragon, Inferno Tower, and Elixir Collector. This deck is very strong vs 3 muskets so don’t worry about using Lightning on pumps. You have to use Lightning in single troops such as Wizards, Executioner, Witch but should not use over swarm cards such as Gobling Gang, Minion Horde because of negative Elixir trade.

Snowball: Self Explanatory

Pekka Skeleton Dragons Deck Gameplan:

The playstyle of this Pekka Skeleton Dragons Deck is reminiscent of Pekka, which often will create big pushes only in Double Elixir, and either chip or hard defend the first three minutes.


  • Very good in the current meta
  •  Counter pushing
  • Does good against Golem and Gaint Decks


  • This deck is weak against Inferno units
  • Hard to Level Up for F2P
  • Needs many well-leveled epic cards & Legendary Cards
  • Required a lot of skill when it comes to tracking elixir.

In early game, you need to know your opponent win conditions and keep hard counters in hand. If you know the current meta you should have a good guess as to what deck they’re playing by the first 3-4 cards. For example, if someone plays Battle Healer, Night Witch, then Baby Dragon, I immediately know that for sure he is playing an Elixir Golem deck or Golem Deck.

In double elixir game you just have to Support your P.E.K.K.A by using Skeleton Dragons + Electro Dragon to deal with supporting troops while damaging the tank, or just cut them off with Bandit or Barb Barrel.

Keep in mind If your opponent places down an Elixir Collector, start building a P.E.K.K.A push immediately in the back or You can play Lightning on you opponent Elixir Pump.

so, guys, that’s it for now, I hope you like it

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