Random Dice Go Guide Wiki for Beginners – Four Gods List

Looking for Random Dice Go Guide Wiki? In this post, we have prepared a beginner guide. Have a look if you want to improve your gameplay. Random Dice Go is a real-time strategy game developed by the same publisher 111% who created Random Dice.

In this game, you have to Select 5 Dice to join the battle and remember to place your Dice wisely on the board to fight in the League Match played by 8 different players. There is also a 1v1 game mode. The game is very fun to play so come and take a look at this Random Dice Go Beginner Guide Wiki and Gods list.

Random Dice Go Guide Wiki

Sword: damage dealing + medium tank

Wind: medium deal with long range

Fire: good splash damage in a large number of scale

Lock: counter for four guardian gods (dragon, tiger, bird, and tortoise)

Sniper: good range (personally, better than wind dice)

Light: attack speed buffer, better than moon or time dice

Strong wind (let me know if the translation is wrong) : good damage dealer with fast attack speed

Barrier: increase the tanking ability for close three dice

Broadloom: really good in in a large number of scale (almost tier 0)

Holy bow: OP

Hell : best for high-attack speed dice

Random Dice Go Guide

Random Dice Go Four Gods

White Tiger Dice

Roar of the Fierce

Teleportation to the enemies for Critical Damage! and Teleports to the enemies and applies critical damage.

Vermilion Bird Dice

Searinğ Inferno

Rebirth with More Damage and Faster Atk Speed

When defeated for the first time, turns into an egg and revives with greater damage and higher attack speed.

Azure Dragon Dice

Beačon of Reversal

Powerful Damage to the Enemies!, Merciful Heal for the Allies!

Blasts a powerful laser to deal damage to the enemies and heals allies.

Black Tortoise Dice

The fortitude of the Land

Vast Taunt with Mighty Shield

Taunts all enemies in the entire field and gains a shield proportional to the number of enemies.

That’s it for this Random Dice Go Beginner Guide Wiki – Four Gods List

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