Ravenbound Tips to upgrading early in the Game

Ravenbound is a brand new game for PC and It is an action game that has rogue-lite elements with the freedom of open-world exploration. As a Vessel to the Raven, players will engage in fast-paced hack-and-slash combat, battling the corrupted creatures of Ávalt in a unique fantasy world inspired by Scandinavian folklore.

With permadeath and permanent progression, each Vessel is lost forever once they fall in battle, but the strength they bring to the Raven is not, allowing players to come back stronger each time.

Our Ravenbound Wiki has some tips and tricks for the game, So come and take a look at this Ravenbound Ravenbound Wiki – Beginner Guide & Upgrade Guide

Ravenbound Tips to upgrading early in the Game

After playing 5 hours in, I managed to figure out a strategy to gain upgrades early, without tacking on that pesky Hatred!

1. Clear the first camp that is right there, from the beginning point.

(Do your best to avoid taking any damage, if you do, mitigate the damage as best as possible!)

2. Collect the two gems you get from the enemy drop, and skip the first hatred chest.
(Not worth tacking on a Hatred slot, and most likely not be able to use a card in the process)

3. Fly over to your first Tear(it is the purple icon), and clear that to receive your third gem, along with gaining free 3 mana points!

4. Upgrade your gems and lucky picking for your first item!

5. Clear nearby camps that have been cleansed, to receive your second and third upgrade without any Hatred tacked on!

Eventually, you will gain Hatred, but I found this to be the best strategy to prolong it and get a good early start on your build before you gain your first Hatred.

I don’t know if there is a way to cleanse them but at the moment this is working for me! Good luck guys, and hopefully as time progresses the game becomes better and better!

In Ravenbound, your mission is to clear the land of “Hatred,” a malevolent force that was unleashed upon the world by the Betrayer, one of the six gods who once protected the world. The Betrayer has imprisoned the other five gods, and it’s up to you, as a “Vessel” for a mystical Raven forged by the five good gods, to free them.

Your main objective is to clear out the Tombs where these gods are imprisoned. However, be prepared to face challenges and die multiple times in your attempts. Each time you start a new attempt, you will be given a randomly-generated Vessel with a unique set of Traits taken from the pool of Traits you’ve unlocked.

After completing the tutorial, you will reach the top of the tower and gain the freedom to fly out into the world, towards your first objective of defeating Hatred and freeing the imprisoned gods.

Remember, Ravenbound is a challenging game, and each playthrough will be different. Experiment with different Vessels and Traits to find the best strategies for success.

That’s it for this Ravenbound Tips

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