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Rex Reincarnated Trello & Wiki December 2023

Welcome to our Rex Reincarnated Trello, In this article, we will tell you about the game and If you’re confused about something related to the game, please read through this short list of questions first and other guides.

So come and take a look at this Rex Reincarnated Trello & Wiki

Rex Reincarnated Trello & Wiki

To start playing the game, head over to the mine underneath the giant tree at the center of the map. If you mine, you’ll notice that your pickaxe has no cooldown, at all. You might be asking yourself


You can use gears in addition to your pickaxe to receive additional benefits. They can be really effective, but they are difficult to create in response.

A “coil slot” and a “utility slot” are both present in gears. Coil slots are used by coils like the Speed Coil and the Acceleratium Coil (the Elementonic gear also makes use of the coil slot). All other items, including the Blazuine Molotov and the Polarium Tunneler, are placed in utility slots.


In REx, Perlin noise is used to create caves. To put it another way, I have NO IDEA what the prerequisites are for a cave to spawn or how long a cave will last. Sorry.

Rex Reincarnated Trello

Rex Reincarnated Wiki – FAQ

What is that thing on the top bar?

It’s most likely an event.

Events make some ores more common but they can also change certain things in the mine (i.e. the Inclemetite event causes ice to spawn everywhere.) To see what an event does, you can click the question mark icon in the bottom right corner.

Where do I sell my ores?

You can sell your ores at the board next to the trading machine at spawn.

What do I do with the money?

Money is used for crafting gears, transforming ores and teleporting to layers if you don’t have the game pass that removes the teleportation fee.

Is using an autoclicker/macro allowed?

While AFK mining is permitted, using a macro is never allowed. Proof of macro usage can get your account permanently banned.

Should I sell all my ores?

You shouldn’t. You should only sell ores if you need money for something, but you should never sell all of them. You should also avoid selling ores that are used in recipes because you might regret it in the future.

How do I teleport to layers?

Use the teleportation menu at spawn.

Where should I mine? / What is the best place to mine?

Generally, all layers are equally good for mining. Wherever you mine is entirely dependent on what your goals are, such as what recipe you are trying to craft or what ore you are trying to find.

I just got an ionized/spectral ore, what does that mean?

Ionized/spectral ores are rarer variants of normal ores. Currently, they are primarily for collecting or trading.

I just got ionized/spectral [ore name], but I can’t find it in my inventory. Where is it?

You can see your ore variants by clicking on the “normal” button in your inventory.

Should I mine straight or diagonal?

Doesn’t really matter

Where do I get gears/pickaxes?

You can craft gears at the house near spawn.

You can make pickaxes at the blacksmith. To get there quicker, you can use the quick travel board at spawn

I bought the Ore Placer game pass. What does it do?

The Ore Placer is not used for giving away ores, only for building (with layer-tier ores) or showing rare ores off.

Ores placed using the Ore Placer will not be removed from your inventory. You can only place 1 ore at a time. Other players will NOT be able to mine it.

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