RH2 The Journey Trello & Wiki – Beginner Guide

Welcome to our RH2 The Journey Trello & Wiki, In this RH2 The Journey Trello & Wiki we will give you some beginner tips that will help you in-game.

So come and take a look at this RH2 The Journey Trello & Wiki – Beginner Guide

RH2 The Journey Trello & Wiki – Beginner Guide

@breeze Tips:

Don’t be afraid of 2v2’s at launch time, you’ll be mad slow stat-wise and it’s gonna be hard to win otherwise.

No meter gives a small green window boost.

Don’t overspend on attribute points and badges, you don’t need Hall of Fame badges, they’re just nice to have.

Allocate your points correctly when first upgrading your build.

You don’t have to over dribble to score.

Always look for mismatches instead of over-dribbles so you’re not forcing shots.

Make the build that best fits your play style for winning. Don’t chase a meta.

Always try to close out on shots, don’t get comfortable with an orange or green lock.

Spend your RHC wisely.

The grind will be long, so make sure you’re prepared for it.

1v1 against other people to get better at the game.

Look at all the packages, including jump shots, to find the best one for you.

Contact finisher is a must for dunking builds.

Upgrade quick draw, and then range extender for shooting.

Make sure to grab quests in the plaza for Journey Pass EXP..

Lob City Passer & Finisher is a necessity for guards and finishers.

Certain badges aren’t as important to have but can be useful.

@de (Stroke Boyz) Tips:

Take your time and learn the builder; rushing your build could prove to be fatal

Find and learn your jump shot by using the ball machine. Shooting is HARDER.

Pass the ball!

Play back on the drive; interior defense is tricky

Badges are expensive. You’ll most likely be fine with bronze/silver for a lot of them. With that being said; if you want them, pick your HOF badges wisely

If you enjoy winning games, play with friends or people you know. Makes life a lot easier

Fearless Shooter is an incredible badge

Quick Draw isn’t a requirement, but it does help

If you can learn floaters, you’ll be dangerous.

You don’t need that high of a three pointer to shoot consistently

Do not succumb to the meta; if the build doesn’t cater to your playstyle, don’t make it.

The mid-range is powerful

Dunking is fantastic (if you can time it)

Learn the minimum stat thresholds so you aren’t wasting attribute points

Upgrade your pass accuracy

Off-Dribble shots and fades are very difficult to time, but very rewarding if you can learn them.

@dtbfart [READ #FAQS] Tips:

Use the Ball Machine to get the hang of shooting.

– Upgrade shooting instantly. If you can’t green off the bat, you can’t learn how to shoot off the bat.
– Invest in dunking this time around. Guards will struggle to guard you with your Contact Finisher badge.
– Don’t attempt to meta chase. Do what you love – the game is about playstyle, so upgrade what you enjoy / what you’re good at.

@jaay ‘s Tips:

– Take the time to learn and find the right jumpshot for you.

– Take time in the build creator and use the build creator build tester a ton.

– PASS THE BALL; you’re not an iso demon.

– Play back on layups (and I mean really PLAY BACK.)

– Try and find your opponents’ weakness and play mismatches.

– Gold Quick Chain is a good badge.

– Run 2s on release instead of 3s. You’re gonna be slow. (IMO)

– Be a versatile player. Don’t stick to one role. Have fun with the game, not everything is about being competitive.

@Real Tips:

– Don’t leave RH2! You can visit the Arcade to earn RHC while you step away for dinner or class without disconnecting from the game.

– If you have a ton of Strength or Speed with Ball, be a bully. You can run through weaker defenders’ arms to get a blowby animation.

– Practice, practice, practice. Shooting takes time and practice. Visit the animations menu to see what jumpshots work for you and spend time practicing before shooting.

– Defense doesn’t require you to run into your defender. With dribblers now unable to spam forward/backwards moves, play back a tiny bit and close out if they start to shoot so you’re not caught lacking on lateral dribbles.

– Change your Green Sounds (if you have gamepass) in the Sound Menu!

– Spin the wheel in the Arcade daily for free RHC.


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