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Risk of Roadblocks Tier List – Best Enchantments Guide

Ready to dominate in Risk of Roadblocks? Look no further because, with our Risk of Roadblocks Tier List wiki, we’ve got you covered! Our Risk of Roadblocks Enchantments tier list will help you to find the best Enchantments in Risk of Roadblocks.

Enchants are able to be rolled for at the shrine in exchange for Tokens. Enchants are applied to your weapon only, each one has a special mechanic that affects gameplay. ps a lot of the proc chances are unconfirmed further testing or confirmation is needed

So without wasting any time let’s check out Risk of Roadblocks Tier List Wiki – Best Enchantments Guide. Also Check out Risk of Roadblocks Trello

Risk of Roadblocks Tier List – Best Enchantments Guide

S-Tier Enchantments in Risk of Roadblocks

  • Hemophage
  • Judgment
  • Opulence


Build stacks on your enemy to deal 15% of their max hp in blood loss

along with judgment this enchant also gets a buff when used with river of blood

every 7 m1s the enchant procs dealing 20% the targets hp
15 damage if they have base hp
18.75 if they ate golden apple (125 hp)
30 if they did the secret tech (200)
so 15,18.75,30, damage

for rivers of blood they both build stacks for one another with the crit
and the crit can proc the Hemophage enchant


Judgment – Chance to spawn a judgment cut, replaces your grounded crit with mirage sheathe, a copy of the yamato’s crit.

deals 10 damage with proc chance of 1/10 – 1/6 (needs confirmation)

judgement enchant also procs after blade dash


when you hit enemy’s it marks them with Opulence (they glow yellow to tell you it proc’ed) and if they attempt to use a skill while marked they will get backfired and ragdolled w/o hyper armor

stuns for 5 seconds 1/6 proc chance

A-Tier Enchantments in Risk of Roadblocks

  • Bloodlust
  • Shock
  • Time


With every m1 you land you get a portion of that damage into healing for your self. basically life steal

heals 10% of damage with m1s


When procs lets of a series of discharges that hit stun the enemy for .45 seconds. letting you combo them again

cant proc again for at least 5s after proccing to prevent inf combo’s
proc chance of 1/6


Does 10% extra damage, but applies the damage after 1.5s of your last hit.

can work with ability’s as well as long as you do damage starting off with an m1


Heavy damage over time, sets them on fire, rolling will clear the effect.

does around 45 damage if not rolled.. very deadly
1/6 proc chance

C-Tier Enchantments in Risk of Roadblocks

  • Frost
  • Poison
  • Omen
  • Swift


Passive: Hitting a target with your weapon 7 times within 10 seconds will slow them for a short duration

slows them by 50% and also reduces their jump by the same


When proc’d it will damage and prevent the enemy from swinging their weapon (applies weakness)

weakness makes you do more damage to said person effected by it. increase is unknown right now


Has a chance to proc Blindness, The player will be surrounded by darkness

last for 10s on target
1/8 chance to proc


Speed boost on hit, resets your dodge cd on hit.
resets dash cooldown by dash canceling with 1.5s cooldown

100% proc chance, 5s cd to proc again

That’s it for this Risk of Roadblocks Tier List

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