Roblox Force Weapon Tier List – Best Weapon in Game

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Hi guys, Welcome to our Roblox Force Weapon Tier List – Best Weapon in Game, In this Roblox Force Weapon Tier List, We will show you the Best Weapon in Roblox Force that can be found and bought at the various weapon shops all around the map.

So come and take a look at this Roblox Force Weapon Tier List – Best Weapon in Game.

Roblox Force Weapon List – Best Weapon in Game

Roblox Force Guns


Westar-55 – is an ionic, single fire pistol with a fairly low fire rate and low bullet spread. It is a highly damaging weapon with a fast reload, fast bullet speed and takes a long time for it to ever overheat.


DH-17 – is a rapid-fire, automatic pistol with a large spread it has a decent bullet speed but very low damage. It has a small exhaust so it doesn’t overheat very quickly allowing for a fast reload. Works with Advanced Reload.


DC-15A – is printable and one of the best guns if you are looking for a balance of everything. It has a medium fire rate, a decent amount of spread, medium bullet speed and a fair amount of damage. It has a medium exhaust and a fast reload. Works with Advanced Reload.


A280C – is an ionic, automatic rifle with a high spread, decent bullet speed, low damage, low exhaust and decent reload time. Although it has low damage, it makes up for its fire rate. Works with Advanced Reload.


TX-27 – is an extremely dangerous, ionic, burst machine gun with very fast bullet speed, but low damage, it has a low exhaust meaning it is capable of reloading quite quickly without overheating too much.


DLT-19X – Is among some of the most dangerous weapons in the game, due to its extreme damage and bullet speed it is capable of bringing down foes with precision and care. It has an extremely low fire rate but incredibly high damage, it overheats very quickly therefore causing it to take a fair amount of time to exhaust before being able to reload.

Exhausts faster when R is tapped.


Vibroknife – a small knife used for basic self-defence in these dangerous times… Consists of the following form Shank (BH/ST/Rebel/Freshspawn Locked)

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(Stormtrooper Exclusive)


E-11 – is an ionic, automatic firing blaster with a good fire rate and good bullet speed. It is a low damaging weapon with a fast reload and a quick exhaust time as well as low spread.

Works with Advanced Reload.


E-11D – is the better and upgraded version of its predecessor the E-11 pistol. Instead of having ionic bullets, the E11-D is designed to shoot plasma rounds in an extremely powerful succession with low spread and HIGH bullet speed. Although doing a great amount of damage per shot, this weapon can be very dangerous due it’s accuracy and damage, allowing for precise, direct hits. It also has a low exhaust and fast reload.

Works with Advanced Reload.


Z-6 – A powerful minigun issued to Storm troopers, deals good damage and is ment for controlled bursts, overheat takes a long time like the RPG, but is a powerful blaster even up close. Works with Advanced Reload.


RPS-6 – A blaster RPG avalible to only stormtroopers, powerful and fun to use, takes forever to vent heat, but fires AOE rockets dealing high damage, takes both primary and secondary slots.

Press R to exhaust faster.


Electrobaton – A standard issue for storm troopers, and the only melee available to base ST. Consists of the following form Default (ST Locked).

Combat Shield

Combat Shield- A shield exclusive to Stormtrooper variants that can be useful in battle. Hold down F to use.

That’s it for Roblox Force Weapon Tier List – Best Weapon in Game. Also, read here: Roblox Pro Piece Pro Max Tier List


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