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Roblox Frontlines Script 2023 October & Controls

Are you looking for Roblox Frontlines Script? if, yes, then you are at the right place because, in this guide, we will give you Roblox Frontlines Script for Infinite Money, Kill Aura, and Infinite Statspoint.

So come and take a look at this Roblox Frontlines Script Pastebin Guide.

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How to Execute a Roblox Script in Roblox Frontlines?

Follow these steps to use scripts :

The first thing you need is a Roblox exploit and/or script executor, so download one. If you don’t know, the most popular ones are Krnl, Synapse, or JJSPloit

Open the game, Roblox Frontlines, and start playing

Launch your Roblox exploit or script executor

Please copy and paste any of the Roblox Scripts we are going to provide you into the provided box and hit the Execute/Inject button.

Roblox Frontlines Game Description

Our own first-person action experience on Roblox. Made possible because of your support!

Help make Frontlines into your game! We’ll be listening closely to your feedback and publicly communicate all our upcoming development progress.

Type “/votekick [player name] [reason]” in chat to kick hackers, etc.

Press “esc” and manually turn graphics down to 1-3 for better performance.


• WASD – move
• Spacebar – jump
• Left click – shoot
• Right click – aim
• Shift/Shift x2 – sprint/tactical sprint
• Shift + C – slide
• C – crouch
• F – throwing knife
• G – frag grenade
• V – quick melee
• E – pick up dropped gun
• B – change firemode
• 1, 2, 3 – swap to Primary, Secondary, and Melee

Roblox Frontlines Script Pastebin – Infinite Money & Kill Aura

Roblox Frontlines Script for Kill ALL

local utils = getrenv()._G.utils;
local globals = getrenv()._G.globals;
local slapAHoe = getrenv()._G.enums.c_net_msg.MELEE_HIT_SOL;
local cliState = globals.cli_state;
local combatNetShit = globals.combat_net_msg_state;
local fpvEquip = globals.fpv_sol_equipment;
local hitboxHash = globals.soldier_hitbox_hash;
local triggerEvent = utils.gbus.trig_event;
local netShit = utils.net_msg_util.c_prep_net_msg;
function hit(p1)
local hash = hitboxHash[p1];
local equipment = fpvEquip.curr_equipment;
local hitboxPos = equipment.model.hitbox.Position

if ( == cliState.fpv_sol_id) then
netShit(combatNetShit, slapAHoe, hash);
triggerEvent(utils.gbus.EVENT_ENUM.FPV_SOL_MELEE_SOL_HIT, equipment, p1, hitboxPos);

for i,v in next,workspace:GetChildren() do
if v:IsA(“Model”) and v.Name==”soldier_model” and v:FindFirstChild(“fpv_humanoid”) then
player = v

while task.wait() do
for i,badBitch in pairs(game.CollectionService:GetTagged(“ENEMY_SOLDIER”)) do
player.HumanoidRootPart.CFrame = badBitch.CFrame


That’s it for this Roblox Frontlines Script guide

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