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Best Free Roblox Injector 2023 for Mac & Windows

Looking for Best Free Roblox Injector 2023 or Roblox Script Exploit working in December 2023? Here you will find the best Roblox Injectors free and paid for both Mac and Windows.

There are so many Roblox Exploits available on the internet and we have loved using exploits like KRNL, Synapse, and Oxygen U. As per some popular Roblox Scripts developers, Synapse X is one of the best Best Free Roblox Injector Macs.

Best Paid & Free Roblox Injector 2023 – Mac & Windows


Krnl is a free roblox executor, since it is a free executor for Windows & Pc, It is the most downloaded and used executor among the all other injectors. If you are looking to download Krnl then we want to let you that you can easily create custom game modes, tweak existing gameplay mechanics, and add new features to your favourite games.

Krnl is one of the best free Roblox Injector Macs which is very stable and steady and it rarely crashed.

You can get Krnl from its official site or Discord Server

How to Install Krnl on Mac to PC?

1. Download the exploit by pressing the blue download button given below.

2. Now you have to Unzip the WinRAR Archive file to your Desktop.

3. You need to turn off all the antiviruses that you have in your Desktop.

4. Now Join any game you want to play.

5. The last step is when you open the exploit folder and run “[EXPLOIT-NAME].exe”.

Synapse X

Roblox Synapse X is paid, roblox executor for Windows & Pc, When we talk about paid executors of Mac and Windows then Synapse X is the one that comes to our mind to help you inject scripts into Roblox, similar to how Evo Executor works.

Synapse X is a powerful, user-friendly scripting engine. Due to its cutting-edge slua (also known as “Synapse Lua”) engine, Synapse X provides unmatched performance, stability, and compatibility with any scripts created for it.

Synapse X executor is 100% safe and secure for your Mobile and Windows unless or until it is downloaded from a trusted website.

Oxygen U

Just like Krnl, Oxygen U is also a free Roblox injector for PC. Oxygen U has a very simple user interface that makes it easier for new users to run scripts without any issues.

Oxygen V2.1 contains new functions such as Anti-OBS, getconnections, hookmetamethod, 24H KEYS!

That’s it for this Best Free Roblox Injector 2023 for Mac & Windows Guide. You can also dive into our Roblox Script Database where you will find scripts for many roblox games.

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