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Roblox Jujutsu Chronicles is a Roblox game based on the popular anime series, “Jujutsu Kaisen”.. This Jujutsu Chronicles Wiki covers details about Items, Bosses, Stats System, Maps, Quest, and more.

The best way to improve your gameplay is to visit our Jujutsu Chronicles Wiki to learn some basics about his game because we’ve created this Jujutsu Chronicles Trello to make it easier for you.

We know that the Trello board and Discord Server contain a lot of information shared by pro players or content creators, so to help you get started, we’ve fetched a list of the most useful information from official Trello and Discord. If you want free gift in the game then make sure to visit our Jujutsu Chronicles Redeem Codes Page

So come and take a look at this Jujutsu Chronicles Wiki.

General FAQ

How do I mute music in-game?

You can use the chat command, “!mute” to mute the music.

The EXP gain in-game is very low, is there anything that I can do to increase it?

Right now, there is nothing you can really do to increase EXP gain like quests or bosses but on weekends, there is a 2x EXP event that can help you farm the mastery levels easier.

What are the max stats for masteries in the game, what does each mastery do and how can I increase them?

The max stats for each of your masteries for 75 and each can be increased by:

Combat mastery increases the damage of m1s and m2 combo enders/grabs and can be increased by using standard attacks and grabs/combo enders on opponents.

Stamina mastery increase the Max stamina you have and can be increased by dashing.

Endurance mastery increases your max health and can be trained by pressing T.

Cursed energy mastery increases your max cursed energy amount and can be increased by turning on your energy by pressing E and leaving it on.

Cursed Technique mastery can be increased by using the moves of the technique and increases your cursed technique damage and sometimes changes some of your moves e.g plant root move gains more roots and becomes bigger with the more mastery you have.

Basic Moveset

Q- Dash
M1- Punches
M2- Grab/Combo Ender
E- Cursed Energy Activation (Damage boost)
F- Block
T- Train Endurance
1- Cursed Tool (TBA)

M1 Combos

Basic Combo:

5xM1s- A basic combo of punches ending with a finishing punch that knocks the opponent away.

M1 Combo variations (Air Combo):

3xM1, Hold Space+2xM1- You will preform 3 standard punches before preforming an uppercut and launching you and your opponent into the air before kicking them away.

3xM1, Hold Space+M1, M1- Similar to the first Air combo but the ending punch will knock the opponent straight to the ground.

Grab Combos:

3xM1, M2- You grab the opponent, spin around and preform 3 kicks to the opponent with the last kick knocking the opponent away.

4xM1, M2- You grab your opponent by their arm and put them straight in the gut 3 times before spinning around and kicking them away.

3xM1, Hold Space+M1, M2- You grab the opponent by the leg and spin around vertically before throwing them straight to the ground.

Vessel Information

How do I obtain a vessel?

Currently there is only one vessel in game right now which is Sukuna and this one can be obtained by eating

Sukuna finger which has a 1% chance to give you vessel. Sukuna fingers can be around the map near buildings, trees, bushes and rocks.

Does having a vessel replace your cursed technique?

No, vessel acts as a separate ability to cursed technique and can be used in tandem with one.


The strength of vessel depends on the amount of fingers you have eaten.

Fighting Skills

How to obtain Black Flash?

To obtain Black Flash, you must talk to the Flash trainer to the left side of the curse surgeon and clan negotiator and complete his black flash training a couple of times. After you have completed these tasks, talk to him again with 25 Combat mastery and you will obtain the black flash passive and moves.

Passive: Black Flash Charge-

Every m1 gives charge to the “Black Flash Meter” and at 100% charge you get access to the black flash amplified m1’s and the black flash Unique Grab.


Black Flash Grab (4 m1’s into m2 grab):

You grab the opponent and then deal a devastating kick straight to their face while infusing it with all of your black flash energy dealing a high amount of damaging and knocking the opponent away.

Black Flash Slam | 25% Charge | 50 energy

Your fist charges up with black flash energy and then you slam the ground creating a shockwave that knocks any nearby opponents away from you.

Black Flash Uppercut | 50% Charge | 75 energy

You charge up a powerful uppercut infused with black flash energy and then release all the energy of it around you, damaging any opponent near you multiple times while also pushing them away.


Sukuna Finger

A cursed Object of high value to curses and shaman alike. If you randomly decide to eat one of these years old, disgusting fingers, then there is a small chance you will become the vessel of the powerful curse known as ryomen sukuna, either that or you’ll die.

These fingers spawn every hour with a 100% chance to spawn. They spawn around trees, bushes, rocks and some buildings.

You can collect 20 of these fingers and eating one will give you a 1% chance to get vessel.


Curse Surgeon

Allows you to spin your cursed technique and obtain new ones.

Can be found by the stairs near the running ground.

Clan Negotiator

Allows you to spin and replace your clan.

Can be found near the stairs by the running ground

Flash trainer

Talk to him to begin black flash training and acquire the black flash passive and ability.

Can be found to the left of the stairs by some trees.

Energy Modifier

Allow you to change the colour of your Cursed Energy

Can be found to the left of the black flash trainer

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