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Roblox The Strongest Battlegrounds Wiki – Trello, Combo Guide

Hi guys, welcome to our Roblox Saitama Battleground Wiki (The Strongest Battlegrounds Trello), In this guide, we will tell how you Roblox Saitama Battleground Trello and other information like characters, Controls, Combat Mechanics, NPC, and Special Cosmetics.

Saitama Battleground is the most engaging game on Roblox and if you know more about this game. you can read our guide which will help you with a beginner guide. So come and take a look at this Roblox Saitama Battleground Wiki – Trello, Combo Guide. Also Read – Saitama Battleground Scripts

Roblox Saitama Battleground Wiki & Trello (The Strongest Battlegrounds Trello)

Roblox Saitama Trello – Controls

  • W + W – Sprint
  • M1 – Punch / Use Skill
  • W + Q – Lunge Punch
  • S + Q – Backwards Roll
  • A + Q – Dash Left
  • D + Q – Dash Right
  • Q (While Ragdolled) – Ragdoll Cancel}
  • G – Activate Mode
  • Space + M1 Combo – Uppercut
  • Final M1 ( Midair ) – Downslam

Combat Mechanic

Roblox Saitama Battleground Wiki

Certain actions will lead to your final M1 being changed, leading to unique combos.


Holding space during your M1 combo will cause your final M1 to send the opponent flying in the air. Certain abilities can hit the opponent while they are airborne.


Using your final M1 midair will cause it to be altered, slamming the opponent into the ground. Certain abilities can hit the opponent while they’re grounded. Goes through the block.

Ragdoll Cancel

Side dashing or back dashing while your character is rag-dolled or knocked down will cancel the ragdoll, getting you up immediately. Knockdown cancelling has a separate cooldown from dashing.

Mode Bar

Mode Bar

Upon dealing or receiving, your Mode Bar fills up. This bar saves through death.

Pressing G will send your character into a mode, with the mode varying, depending on which character you have selected.
Entering your Mode will change your moveset. Using a skill will end your mode, regardless of whether you land the move or not.

Roblox Saitama Battleground Characters Guide (The Strongest Battlegrounds Trello)

Bald Hero

Roblox Saitama Battleground Wiki

Base Saitama

Normal Punch

After a short windup, release a long-ranged punch that ragdolls and deals knockback. The initial punch is unblockable, but the shockwave is blockable and hits grounded.

Consecutive Normal Punches

Release a barrage of punches towards your opponent. Does not reset M1 combo.

Normal Shove

Shove your opponent with your right hand, causing them to roll backwards. This skill goes through block.

Normal Uppercut

Uppercut your enemy, causing them to fly upwards, before rolling backwards. This skill goes through block and hits grounded.

[ Mode ] – Serious Serious

Player cracks their knuckles, getting ready to take the fight just a little bit more seriously.

Death Counter

Upon being attacked, start a cutscene and teleport behind their back, while showing them true fear. Instantly kills any foe. You can move and M1 while the counter is active. Opponents cannot see the counter effects coming out of your character.

Table Flip

Push away any enemies and severely slow them, as you raise your right arm as you flip the ground in front of you, demolishing anything in your way.

Hero Hunter

Bald Hero

Base Garou

Flowing Water

Dash forwards and barrage your opponent, followed by a heavy punch dealing knockback. Goes through block.

Lethal Whirlwind Stream

Grab your opponent and drag them across the ground, followed by a heavy slam into the ground.

Hunter’s Grasp

Stomp and grab your opponent, before throwing them backwards, causing them to roll backwards. Throwing an enemy into someone deals damage, goes through block, and causes them to roll backwards. Hits ragdolled players and goes through block.

Prey’s Peril

Take a stance, if you were to be attacked, dash towards the enemy and barrage them in their chest, before launching them away.

[ Mode ] – Rage Mode

Wipe the blood off your mouth, before releasing a large slam around you, dealing damage and sending players flying upwards.

Saitama Battleground Trello Guide


Weakest Dummy

The “Weakest Dummy” is an NPC that you can use to test attacks or abilities. Its health is displayed above the Dummy’s head, and does not move/attack. It respawns after death will full HP.


How do I equip cosmetics?

You can either choose to buy the Special Cosmetics [ 75 ROBUX ]Gamepass to equip any of these cosmetics for free or You can reach the kill amount needed for the cosmetic.

There will be a hat icon in the left top corner of your screen when you buy the Game Pass.

How do I equip cosmetics?

Upon clicking this icon, you will be prompted with cosmetic items that apply no buffs to your character, and are only used for cosmetic purposes.

Game Pass

Early Access [ 300 ROBUX ]

Early access to ALL current & future work-in-progress character skill set(s). Keep in mind that these skill set(s) are still being worked on and may not be completed when you buy this game pass.

Special Cosmetics [ 75 ROBUX ]

Buying this game pass will give you the ability to wear certain cosmetics only available in this game.

That’s it for this Roblox Saitama Battleground Wiki – Trello, Combo Guide

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