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Roblox Sapien Trello & Wiki Guide – [BETA ACCESS] V.4.7

This guide shares Roblox Sapien Trello and Discord server links. Most Roblox games have a Trello and These Roblox Game Trello helps players understand a game’s basics and cover every aspect of it.

In this Sapien Trello, You will find the official link of Trello and some useful guides. You can find the Sapien Discord link on the game’s listing page on Roblox.

What is the Roblox Sapien Trello link?

Sapien Trello is somehow similar to Sapien Wiki, Where you can find information about, Bosses, Clans Information, Grinding Tips, Stats, GUI, NPC, Crafting, Animals and Other useful information that help you level up your gameplay.

Before we go to Trello Link Section, I want to tell you to tell the information about the Location in-game.

Roblox Sapien Trello & Wiki Guide


Shift – SPRINT

Game Mechanics

Spear Fishing

Using any of the spears currently in game go up to a fish splash zone, crouch, and click to spear a fish which you can then take off of the end of your spear and eat.

Day & Night Cycle

  • 18 Minute Days
  • 6 Minute Nights

Additional: Appears the day/night cycle is slower and very delayed on older servers with higher ping


Combat is honestly just spam jump and click right now, no since in elaborating below are current kits that can be used though

Note: Combat is massively work in progress right now. The owner, Mr. Banksy has stated that he’s barely even touched it and there are definite plans to improve it.


Press “G” to open the crafting menu

Eventually there will be a sort of system where you earn “EXP” from eating various foods, increasing a level will allow you to unlock the ability to craft more items.


Most foods will refill a portion of your hunger bar, certain ones have other uses though. Edible Coconuts refill a large amount of water and honey is excellent for healing lost health.



There are 3 biomes currently in Sapien each is home to an ever increasing variety of animals and various resources. Items and animals are labeled with the biomes in which they can be found.


Characterized by its densely packed trees many of which you can climb


  • Warthog
  • Buffalo
  • Crocodile
  • Hippo
  • Elephant


A grassy woodland home to 8 out of 10 animals currently in game, the most content rich biome so far, this is where you will spend the majority of your time once you’ve progressed fully in the games current build.


  • Quagga
  • Hyena
  • Terror Bird‌
  • Sabertooth
  • Crocodile
  • Hippo
  • Elephant
  • Honey Bee


With little rain this hot climate is home to almost nothing other than a lone

Roblox Sapien Trello Link

Here is a Link to the official Sapien Trello :

On Sapien Trello, you will find information and guides about the game. Here is some of the information you can still find there:

  • Food
  • Crafting
  • Biomies
  • Animals
  • Items

Roblox Sapien Trello FAQ

Q: What is the Sapien Trello?

A: The Sapien Trello is a platform where players can find information and guides about the game. It covers various aspects of the game, including maps/locations, book locations, boss information, codes, clans, and skills.

Q: How can I Find the link to Sapien Trello?

A: You can find the Sapien Trello link in this page, we have shared link in this post. Also, Read out our: Sorcerer Battlegrounds Trello

Q: Is the Sapien Trello the same as the game’s Wiki?

A: No, the Sapien Trello is not the same as the game’s Wiki, but it covers similar information.

Q: What kind of information can I find on the Sapien Trello?

A: On the Sapien Trello, you can find information about various aspects of the game, including boss information, book locations, clans, codes, maps/locations, and skills.

Q: Can I get in-game rewards from the Sapien Trello?

A: No, you cannot get in-game rewards from the Sapien Trello. It is only a platform where players can find information and guides about the game.

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