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Hi guys, welcome to our Roblox Skyfall Wiki, In this Roblox Skyfall Wiki we will show you Roblox Skyfall Weapons and Roblox Skyfall Races Guide. Skyfall is a fantasy MMORPG game like no other, developed and published by Duality-Studios on the Roblox platform

So come and take a look at this Roblox Skyfall Wiki – Weapons & Races Tier List Guide. Make sure you check out our House Builder Tycoon Codes and Anime Dimensions Simulator Codes

Roblox Skyfall Wiki

Roblox Skyfall Races Guide Wiki

Races are the different species of people who inhabit the world of Skyfall. Your race is randomly chosen when you first join, but you can reroll your race in the menu for 200 Robux.

Your race decides your hair and skin color. Some races have special features and accessories, like the mask of the Betularians or the tails of the Rhaast.

Roblox Skyfall Races Tier List 2023

Race & Percentage

  • Hylius – 30%
  • Lavitin – 25%
  • Volcane – 20%
  • Catfolk – 15%
  • Darkin – 10%
  • Betularian – 3%
  • Hive – 3%
  • Rhaast – (unobtainable)

Hylius – Descendants of the lord above “Hylucian Creator of the Skies”, often looked upon for their wind-like nature. (magic aptitude)

Lavitin – Descendants of “Creator of the Sea’s, the great Leviathus”, known for their deep wisdom and vast intellect. (exp gain)

Volcane – Descendants of the “Master of the Forge, Volcani”, a race that’s great when it comes to action over thought.(brawn)

Catfolk – A bestial race, that gained sentience of their own accord, quick and agile, known for their immense greed.

Darkin – Demonic in origin, the Darkin race are lesser demons with the ability to expand their strength and speed through a “Ritual of Sacrifice”, offering up a variety of materials, living or not, can evolve this race into the Greater Demon’s know as the Rhaast.

Hive – A race of unknown origin, making refuge in the land of Sky-Fall, a very wise race due to their ability to communicate their thoughts to one another via telepathy.

Betularian – Similar to the Hive, these creatures are relatively new to the land of Sky-Fall, naturally capable of flight, and due to their moth-like nature, they have enhanced night vision.

Rhaast – The evolved variant of the Darkin, known for their strength and dexterity, after the evolution they gained the Ability of “Hell’s Gate” granting them great mobility.

Roblox Skyfall Wiki

Roblox Skyfall Weapon Guide Wiki


  • Fists are the weapons of the truly hardcore with low damage and fast attacks.
  • Fists have no requirements!
  • This weapon isn’t craft-able and all players start with it.


  • The Spear is a strong weapon with decent damage.
  • Spear has no requirements!
  • The spear can be crafted in the anvil for 15 skyshards.


  • The Dagger is a light weapon with low damage and fast attacks.
  • Dagger has no requirements!
  • It can be crafted in the anvil for 15 skyshards.


  • The Sword is a medium weapon with decent damage and medium attacks.
  • Sword has no requirements!
  • It can be crafted in the anvil for 15 skyshards.


  • The GreatSword is the slowest weapon in the game with the strongest attack.
  • Greatsword has no requirements!
  • It can be crafted in the anvil for 100 skyshards.


  • The Rapier is the fastest sword in the game but has low damage attacks
  • Requires Rapier Training which can be unlocked from the dagger skill tree.
  • It is currently unobtainable.


  • The Katana is a samurai sword.
  • Katana has no requirements!
  • It can be crafted in the anvil for 25 skyshards.

That’s it for this Roblox Skyfall Trello Wiki – Weapons & Races Tier List Guide

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