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Rogue Demon Breathing Tier List 2023 September

Welcome to our Rogue Demon Breathing Tier List, In this Rogue Demon Breathing Tier List, we will tell you about all Breathing Styles and Demon Arts / BDAs available in Rogue Demon. In this game, each breathing style has unique skills that can be combined to unleash devastating damage upon your opponent.

Understanding which moves extend combos and which ones do not is crucial for seamlessly chaining your abilities together and overpowering your foes. Here’s a concise compilation of the combo-extending moves for each breathing style/BDA: So come and take a look at this Rogue Demon Breathing Tier List.

Rogue Demon Breathing Tier List

Sure! Here’s a summary of the combo-extending moves for each breathing style/BDA in the game:

Water Breathing:

Flowing Dance
Striking Tide
Waterfall Basin
Constant Flux

Thunder Breathing:

Thunderclap and Flash
Godspeed (when performed into a wall)

Sound Breathing:

String Performance

Flame Breathing:

Unknowing Fire
Blazing Sun M2

Insect Breathing:

Bee Sting

Arrow BDA:

Arrow Ladder
Arrow Explode (when movestacked)
Arrow Skate (when movestacked)

Shockwave BDA:

Air Type
Annihilation Type

Blood Sickles BDA:

Flying Sickles
Rampant Rampage

String BDA:

String Pull (when movestacked)
String Slash M1
Eye Basket

Temari BDA:

Ball Throw
Play Ball
Temari Combo
Hinokami Kagura
Dance M1
Dance M2
Clear blue Sky

Water Breathing

“You put water into a bottle, it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Water can flow, or it can crash. Be water, my friend.”

First move:

Flowing Dance | [15DMG] [Combo Starter/Extender | Mobility | I-frames] [Last hit Guardbreaks, Perfect Blockable]

User twisting their body lunges forward in a stream like pattern twisting and turning in anyway to strike their enemies while flashes of their afterimages appear before quickly reappearing and delivering a final slash.

Second move:

Waterfall Basin | [10DMG Grounded, 20DMG Aerial] [Combo Extender | Blockbreaker | Fall DMG Negation] [Guardbreaks, Perfect Blockable]

Sucking in a breath, the user lifts the sword above their head crashing it down onto the opponent creating a flood of water ontop of them.

Note: If used up high it will negate all FallDmg and will do more damage in return.

Third move:

Constant Flux M1 | [20DMG, M1] [Ultimate Art | Combo Extender/Finisher] [Bypasses Block]

The user Crouches down before exploding forward; twirling their body to land a fatal blow onto the opponents neck as a dragon swoops in and takes their head off.

Constant Flux M2 | [40DMG in Total] [Ultimate Art | Combo Extender/Finisher] [Last hit Guardbreaks]
As before the user hunches over before going into a sprint slashing their blade as they run, the player combos twisting motions to create even stronger attacks which leads into the user jumping up into the air as the built up water forms into a dragon crashing it onto the enemy exploding as it roars.

Fourth move:

Dead Calm | [10DMG] [Counter | Combo Starter] [Bypasses Block]

Taking a stance the user sends out a calm aura, if hit the the user retaliates with a barrage of slices sending the attacker on the defense.

Lateral Water Wheel | [7DMG] [Combo Starter/Extender] [Blockable]
Doing a 360, the user sends out a blade of water to slice any infront of them.

Pros & Cons:


All moves in your moveset can be used to combo extend
Has the most combo potential
Waterfall Basin can be used to negate fall damage
Dead Calm is a great combo starter
Dead Calm grants invincibility when activating it
Constant Flux M1 can auto-execute


Constant Flux can be cancelled by regular moves
No evasive, which makes Water Breathing very vulnerable to combos
Average mobility outside of combat.
Dead Calm requires strict timing, so using it late could get you punished
Dead Calm only hits people within the range of a 180° angle, meaning people behind you are unaffected (unless you turn around)
Even if Lateral Water Wheel homes towards targets, it’s pretty easy to dodge it

Thunder Breathing

First Skill:

Thunder Breathing: Godlike Speed | (Hold), (50s CD), (10-12 DMG), (Bypass Block BUT can be perfect blocked)

The user puts every ounce of strength into their legs and utilizes Thunderclap and Flash in an accelerated speed. This move CAN be parried.

ThunderBreathing: GodLike Speed

Second Skill:

Thunder Breathing: Sixfold | (15s CD), (15 DMG), (Blockable), (Target required)

The user charges up before launching their opponent in the air and performing Thunder Clap and Flash 6 times. If the target is lower than 15 health, Sixfold executes them.

Side note: The user is granted fall damage immunity until they collide with a terrain

Third Skill:

Thunder Breathing: Thunder Clap and Flash | (Hold), (15 DMG), (15s CD),(Blockable, Guardbreaks if full charged)

The user takes a stance, charging the move before dashing forward at blinding speeds. If the enemy is below 15 health, Thunder Clap and Flash executes them.

Side note: The stun time depends on how long thunderclap is charged (1.5 seconds up to 4.0 seconds)

Fourth Skill:

Discharge | (Evasive), (30s CD), (2 DMG), (Blockable)

The user discharges a small bolt of electricity disabling and knockbacking anyone within the range and yourself for 1.5s
(Knockback only applies to attackers)


Very good combo potential
Arguably the most mobile breathing in the game
Thunderclap is a good combo starter/extender with little to no endlag
Can execute people other than manual execution (B), very helpful as a last resort
All of its moves have little to no startup


Doesn’t have a good GB
Sixfold can be blocked, which puts the user in a big endlag. Additionally, it will not refund CD if missed unlike Flying sickles/String pull
Your true guardbreak is not reliable, and thus have to get around blocks to deal damage
Godspeed can be perfect blocked
Discharge can be blocked, a good opponent may block discharge to continue their combo.
Discharge has an endlag that lasts up to 1.5 seconds, disabling the player to combo start with thunderclap.

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