Rush Royale Beginner Deck 2024 – PvP & COOP Decks

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Aaqib Javed
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are you new to rush royale? are you looking for Rush Royale Beginner Deck 2023? Rush Royale Beginner Tier List? If yes then you are in the right place because in this guide we will show you Rush Royale Beginner Deck that might help you to improve your game. these Rush Royale Beginner Deck are recommended by rush royale pro players.

so now come and let’s take a look at this Rush Royale Beginner Deck 2023 ( Rush Royale Beginner Tier List ).

#1 Rush Royale Beginner Deck


The “Rush Royale Crystals deck utilizes the area damage of the Bombardier combined with the high single-target damage of the Crystalmancer and Reaper. The Vampire ensures a steady supply of mana while Frost helps to slow down enemies.

#2 Rush Royale Beginner Deck

  1. Bombardier
  2. Crystalmancer
  3. Vampire
  4. Dryad
  5. Frost

The Crystal Dryad deck has Bombardier for area damage, Crystalmancer for single-target damage, and Dryad for healing your units. The Vampire boosts mana while Frost slows down enemies.

#3 Rush Royale Best Deck for Beginners

Plague Doctor

Plague Doctor deck features the high single-target damage of Crystalmancer, the AOE damage of Catapult, and the debuff effects of Plague Doctor. Lvy provides shielding, and Vampire aids in mana regeneration.

#4 Rush Royale Best Beginner Deck

Cold Mage

The “Frostbite” deck boasts the area damage of Bombardier, the single-target damage of Crystalmancer and Reaper, and the crowd control ability of Cold Mage. The Vampire card helps maintain mana.

#5 Rush Royale Best Beginner Deck

  1. Vampire
  2. Dryad
  3. Harlequin
  4. Knight Statue
  5. Spirit Master

The “Spiritual Knight” deck uses the Spirit Master for high single-target damage and the Knight Statue for defense. Vampire for mana generation, Dryad for healing, and Harlequin to clone your most powerful units.


Rush Royale Beginner Deck with Boreas

This Boreas Chemist Ice Mage Deck is very good for Beginners in rush royale, If you don’t have boreas in your cards collection, you can use wind archer

Rush Royale Beginner Sentry Chemist Deck Arena 9+

Rush Royale Sentry Chemist Deck

This Sentry Chemist Deck is a very F2P deck in rush royale because this deck only contains epics and rare which means all f2p can easily upgrade these cards.

In this Sentry deck, we have Chemist, Vampire, Plague Doctor, and Bombardier, vampire at least level 4 before First Boss, Vampire will help you to gain extra mana.

A plague Doctor will help you to do area damage and a Chemist will help you to increase damage taken by monsters.

Before 2nd Boss tries to have at least 3 or 4 Sentry of Level 3 and 2 Plague Docter of Level 2 and 2 chemists of Level 2 or 3.

Rush Royale Beginner Deck with Engineers

This Engineer deck is a good choice for F2P in Rush Royale, F2P can easily upgrade these cards and start pushing their trophies in rush royale.

Best Thunderer Corsair Deck for Arena 8+

Rush Royale Thunderer Executioner Deck Arena 8

Rush Royale Thunderer Corsair Deck is working well in  Arena 10+ and If you are looking for Best Rush Royale Corsair Deck, you can try this deck. we have an Executioner Chemist & Bombardier to support Thunderer.

Rush Royale Beginner Deck with Thunderer

This Thunderer deck was very powerful in the previous season of rush royale, now thunderer got nerf, and not so many players are usingv this deck in PVP mode, and still this deck is good for Arena 6 players, Arena 7 players etc,

Rush Royale Thunderer Grindstone Deck Arena 8+

Rush Royale Thunderer Deck for Arena 8

Thunderer Grindstone Deck is very good for Arena 8 players and using this deck I won continuous matches in the rush royale royal trials event. This Thunderer Deck is f2p and you easily upgrade your cards Level 8 or Level 9 Thunderer is very powerful so, I will tell you to upgrade your cards to increase your critical damage.

This deck has some strong cards like Engineer, Plague Doctor, and My favourite card Vampire. This deck has a grindstone to increase damage and critical damage of Thunderer and Engineer.

Before 1st Boss tries to fill your board with 2 – 3 Rank 1 Thunder and 2 rank 2 Thunder and support them with Plague Doctor and Engineer.

Before 2nd Boss, you should have at least 2 – 3 Rank 3 Thunderer and  2 – 3 Engineer of rank 3 and surround them with a grindstone.

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