Rush Royale Bruiser Deck, Strategy & Tips 2023

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Complete Guide to using the Rush Royale Bruiser Deck: Basic information, Rush Royale Bruiser Deck Deck, attack speed, ability, and more. This Rush Royale Bruiser belongs to the Magic Council faction and specializes in dealing with damage.

So come and take a look at this Rush Royale Bruiser Deck, Strategy & Tips.

Rush Royale Bruiser Deck

Rush Royale Bruiser Guide 2023

Rush Royale Bruiser is a Legendary Card that belongs to Magic Council Faction and The Bruiser attacks the path’s first target. When a new monster appears on its side of the field with 7 monsters, it has a 10% chance of becoming furious.

It gains an increase to attack speed and damage, as well as an area attack, when furious. When fighting bosses, he is usually angered.

For 5 seconds after the wrath has ended, you will be unable to become enraged again. Q: You can’t attack when you’re resting. In PvE mode, regardless of the quantity of monsters on the battlefield, it becomes furious.

Rush Royale Bruiser Ability

Monsters irritate the Bruiser greatly. If you have more than seven monsters on your field, each additional monster has a 10% chance of enraging the Bruiser

This stage boosts his damage and attack speed, as well as gives him the ability to attack in a wide area. The Bruiser rests for a bit once his rage has subsided, during which time he is unable to attack or become enraged.

If a boss emerges on the field, however, all Bruisers become agitated, regardless of how tired they are.

Rush Royale Bruiser Deck

  • Chemist
  • Vampire
  • Engineer
  • Ice Mage
  • Bruiser

Rush Royale Bruiser Deck

  • Bruiser
  • GrindStone
  • Dryad
  • Harlequin
  • Portal Keeper

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