Rush Royale Factions Guide & Blessings List

Hi guys, Today we are going to tell you about Rush Royale Factions and How Factions work in Rush Royale. The Factions and Blessings were added to the game in Rush Royale version 6.0. Every week, a new faction is chosen at random, along with its bonus. All units will be placed to one of the islandā€™s royal Factions and will get special bonuses known as Blessings.

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Rush Royale Factions

  • Forest Alliance
  • Magic Council
  • Kingdom of Light
  • Technogenic Society
  • Dark Domain

There are five factions in Rush Royale. Every week, a Faction and its units will be picked. These units will be given a random Blessing that will benefit them in PvP and Co-op.

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Rush Royale Blessings

  • Faction Blessings
  • Blessings of the Week
  • Cashback
  • Critical Blessing
  • Evolution
  • Headhunting
  • Multiplication
  • Acceleration
  • Starting Mana

InĀ RushĀ Royale,Ā thereĀ areĀ currentlyĀ 9Ā BlessingĀ available,Ā andĀ theseĀ blessingsĀ areĀ chosenĀ atĀ random.Ā 

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