Top 5 Best Rush Royale Ivy Deck, Tips & Stats

Hi guys, I will show you the complete guide to using the new Ivy card. In this article, we will share Ivy Deck, attack speed, ability, and more. In the Rush Royale version 7.1 update, developers have introduced Ivy along with Gargoyle cards & other exciting features.

so without further ado let’s get started and Learn How to play Ivy in Rush Royale.

Rush Royale Ivy Deck

  • lvy
  • Thunderer
  • Crystalmencer
  • Vampire
  • Frost

This Ivy deck is a very good choice for low-level players and they easily win with this Ivy Deck. This deck has only 1 Legendary card. Ivy Throws seeds that periodically deal damage. This damage increases with each noxious flower on a monster.

When an enemy dies, its flower explodes, poisoning adjacent monsters and dealing damage based on the max number of noxious flowers on the monster.

For bosses, we have Thunders and Crystalmancer, and the Frost card will help by slowing down the enemy monster. Phone Cat, a YouTuber, also used this Rush Royale ivy deck.

Top 5 Best Rush Royale Ivy Deck, Tips & Stats

Rush Royale Ivy Guide

  • Unit Type: Debuff
  • Faction: Forest Alliance
  • Target: Max health

Ivy uses seeds to infect your adversaries, focusing on the enemy with the most health. The seeds deal periodic harm to the adversary, which increases with each subsequent strike from Ivy.

Ivy moves on to a new target once the maximum quantity of seeds has been achieved. When an infected enemy dies, it bursts, poisoning neighboring monsters and inflicting damage proportional to the level of infection.

It is advantageous to have multiple Ivys on the table at the same time, as this will demolish opponents and weaken mini-bosses. After that, the poisoned adversary will be easily dealt with by your main DPS pawn.

  • Ivy attack the target with the highest health. Ivy changes if the target has already been infected with 40 seeds. targets.
  • Ivy infects the target with her toxic seeds. the Toxin impact, which causes damage on a regular basis. Each seed on a monster increases the amount of damage it does. The maximum total number of seeds is 40.
  • The toxin impact isn’t present. It will eventually expire, but it can be neutralized. Ivy, in addition to infecting monsters with her venom, makes them explode when they die. The blast damage grows with the number of seeds on a monster.

Rush Royale Ivy Deck

  • Archer
  • Lvy
  • Ice Mage
  • Vampire
  • Plague Doctor

Boreas Shaman Ivy Deck

  • Ivy
  • Shaman ( The Monster )
  • Mime
  • Boreas
  • Harlequin

That is all we have for the Rush Royale Ivy cards, We will update this page with more Rush Royale Ivy Decks.