Rush Royale Update Version 3.2 & Balance Changes 2021

Hi guys, Rush Royale Update Version 3.2 is here along with balance changes, Rush Royale Update Version 3.2 brings the most awaited Friend system feature in rush royale, apart from this we are also getting march balance changes, and a new battle screen. In this round of balance changes Thunderer is getting nerf and Sentry, Sharpshooter, and Crystalmancer getting buff so let’s come and take a look at this rush royale march update 2021 full patch notes.

Check it out below. everything about rush royale version 3.2 update.

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Battle Stats Screen:

Rush Royale March Update 2021 New Battle Stats Screen


In the new rush royale version 3.2 update, you will see this new screen at the end of each battle. It will display inflicted damage and the contribution of each individual unit.

This new battle stats screen will give you more insight into each rush royale card in your deck.

honestly, this new end battle screen looks cool.

Friend Feature:

After the rush royale version 3.2 update, you all will be able to play with friends in rush royale.

  • You will be able to add other players to your Rush Royale Friends list.
  • You can invite them to Co-Op battles and to the training battles
  • The PvP battles results of which do not affect your PvP rating.

How to Add Friends in Rush Royale?

You can send a friend request after a battle’s end or by using a player ID. You can find and copy your ID in the new Friends tab at the menu.

Rush Royale March Balance Changes:

LEVELING UP We have recalculated the damage increase for leveling up the units. Higher levels now add more damage. We have also recalculated the gold cost for leveling up the units


  • Merge rank now makes the ability activate more frequently
  • The initial percentage of damage increase was raised
  • Level-up now increases damage more efficiently
  • Mana Power-up now increases damage more efficiently


  • A new ability, Crazy Shooting, now triggers during a boss wave, increasing damage and attack speed
  • Initial damage against bosses and mini-bosses increased


  • Initial damage increased


  • Initial lightning damage reduced
  • Mana Power-up now increases lightning damage less efficiently


We have adjusted the monster health increase rate in PvP and Co-Op in accordance with unit level-up changes (and also to speed up the game a bit).


  • Packs purchased in the store now contain more gold
  • Chests from the store now cost less and their contents has been recalculated. The Adept Chest has been removed from the store
  • Completing waves in Co-Op mode now brings better rewards

Rush Royale Version 3.2 Update in not available in Play Store?

Rush Royale Version 3.2 has become available for some of the Android players and iOS players. If you are one of them, you will see the new version on Play Market and App Store.
We plan to release the new version for all the players around the world shortly and we will make a special announcement about that here, on our Facebook page. Thank you for your patience and support!

so guys that’s all the information about Rush Royale March Update 202, we will update this page with information about Rush Royale Version 3.2.

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