Rush Wars Domination Guide | Rush Wars Domination Tips

Rush Wars Domination Guide

Rush Wars Domination Guide | Rush Wars Domination Tips Hi everyone.Rush Wars Domination Guide | Rush Wars Domination Tips  Leonard here again. I will explain everything about domination. Hope these will help you win more of them

  • Preparation day:

  1. Each player gets 3 random bases with random groups of defences.

  2. The number of defence units you get on each map is based on your HQ level.

  3. The level of cards are of your own card level.

  4. You can freely adjust you defence on preparation day, but they are locked on battle day.

  • Prep day tips:

  1. Check the information of your opponents.(having someone leave clan and search for the opponent’s clan, check their HQ level and chopper level).

  2. Adjust your defence according to the info you get from (1): if you are lower than the average level of opponents, focus on defending 1 stars / if you are equal level or slightly higher, try you best to defend 1-2 star / if you know you are way too strong for them even get a single star, then do it in practice.

  3. Adjust your defence according to the defence units you get: (same format as above) if you get trash tier units, then … / if you get fine units, then … / if you get god tier units, then …[you can check my tier list post for reference]

  4. If several of your opponents are at HQ5+, prepare for paratroopers if you are able to handle them, if not, then set up your defence as normal. If none of them at HQ5+, don’t worry about the star building thing at the back, you can put focus on those in the front.

  5. If you don’t have anti-air, then set up as normal. If you have anti-air but only 1, try to put them in a safe spot, so the other defences can tank for them while they deal with air troops. If you have multiple anti-air, then set up as normal, but spread the anti-air defences closer to the front.

  6. Don’t upgrade every card you are assigned, especially for f2p. This will harm your long term gameplay. Only upgrade the ones you are likely to use on ladder or in your own defence base.

  • Battle day:

  1. Each player gets a draft of troops and spells (and commanders if you have at least one). You have 3 chances to change one of them to another random card(of the same category).

  2. You will always get 2 commanders, number of spells that is twice the spell capacity you have, and number of troops that is 4 times the capacity you have.

  3. Card levels are of you own card levels.

  4. You can attack multiple times as long as you have remaining troops.

  5. You will lose the troops/spells/commander you used in attacks. You won’t lose them if you didn’t use them even if you take them into battles.

  6. You can only attack enemy bases that are unlocked(the direction goes from bot to top). You can only attack non-3stared bases again(to get a better result) after your team gets at least 1 star form every base.

  7. Only winner team will get the extra gold and gem reward, both team will receive a chest depending on the amount of stars their team earned.

  • Battle day tips:

  1. Prey for a good comp from draft. Try your best to build a good comp with 3 strikes( ummm I mean 3 chances of changing a card).

  2. A good comp is: A) ranged units(bazooka, laser etc.) paired with tanks(gorilla, boxer etc.) B) swarms(troopers, hotshot etc.) paired with shields and coach. C) jetpacks(situational) with any of the comp from A and B. D) make sure you have a good troop comp first then switch spells that best pair with your troops.

  3. Scout the enemy bases, and choose the ones that are best for you. If you have jetpacks, focus on bases without or with few anti air. Take out their anti air troops and a single pair of jetpacks may earn you a 3-star.

  4. If you don’t over level your opponents, go all in for 3 stars, as you won’t always get a second chance. If you go all in every time, you normally will attack 4 times. (Imo, 4 attacks with 9+ stars is “B” performance for average players. 4 attacks with 12+ stars is definitely a solid “A+”.)

  5. If you over level your opponents a lot, try to get as many 3 stars as possible.( my record is 7) Then your teammates will have a second chance to attack non-3-stared bases.

  • Some other tips:

  1. Create a group chat on discord( social medias). Communication and coordination is KEY.

  2. Let your teammates know what troops you have and which bases you are going to attack. Leave the bases for the member with most suitable comp.

  3. Don’t have everyone draft at the same time. Save 1-2 drafts after others have finished attacking, so you can make comps best for the remaining bases.

  4. Check every bases before battle, leave the non anti-air bases for jetpacks!!!

  5. If you want to avoid bad matchmaking( opponents too strong), do domination with size of 10. Make a second clan if there’s more members wanna participate. (The top clans and most good clans tends to start clan wars with size of 20)

  6. It’s normal to perform bad sometimes, as you may not always get a good composition of troops, don’t blame others for getting few stars.

  7. The rewards from domination might not be very juicy, but in the long run, they contribute a lot to your collection. Play dominations as often as possible.

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Thanks for Reading, Have Fun

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