Rush Wars Download Link for Ios | Rush Wars Beta Download

Rush Wars Domination Guide

Rush Wars Download Link for Ios | Rush Wars Beta Download Hey there! Supercell is pleased to announce the BETA release of our new game, RUSH WARS and You can Download Rush Wars Download in Ios and Android


It is a fast-paced strategy game in which you will grow a squad of strangely connected and surprising new characters.

You will find a massive variety of troop combinations and enemy bases to defeat.

With its player vs. player design, you will need to plan and outsmart your opponents’ bases to show them who’s boss!

Rush Wars is a game that everyone can enjoy but to master it, well… that’s the fun part!

Rush Wars Gameplay | Rush Wars Premiere


As we are currently in BETA, we have launched the game in the following countries:

You will not be able to download the game If you dont live in any of these country. If you search for the Rush wars in IOS Store, it will not be listed in the search results or you will see a “This item isn’t available in your country” message. However, there is a simple and quick solution to this problem. Today, we’ll show you How To Download Rush Wars

Check Out Here: How to Download Rush Wars

Search for RUSH WARS in your relevant App Store to get your hands on it!

We hope to roll out to other countries in the future.

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