Rush Wars HQ 4 Attack Strategy | Rush Wars HQ 4 Guide

Rush Wars HQ 4 Attack Strategy | Rush Wars HQ 4 Guide

Rush Wars HQ 4 Attack Strategy Hi all, redspoonnz here Rush Wars HQ 4 Attack Strategy and I’ve been playing Rush Wars since a day after beta release, and have worked up 2.5k Stars at HQ4. I’m no expert, and don’t claim to have the best strategies in the game, but I feel I have a pretty good understanding of the general ideas and techniques to get as many stars as possible (at HQ4).

Rush Wars HQ 4 Attack Strategy | Rush Wars HQ 4 Guide

Rush Wars HQ 4 Troops Guide:

Before the last update, the rocket truck was available at HQ4, before it was moved to HQ5 specifically. If you still have this troop, its your best asset, no matter what level. I retained mine, and I still use it, even though its still at level 9 and I will no longer receive the cards until I upgrade to HQ5. This brings me onto my first troop composition:

  • (1x)Rocket truck + (1x)Shields + (1x)Sneaky Ninja

  • (1x)Heal spell

Basically find a narrow lane and roll the shields followed by the truck, trying to knock out as many lasers or cannons as possible. Use the heal spell when necessary to heal truck. Then clean up with ninja. It is important you understand which troops your ninja can and cannot solo kill (without previous damage done by your truck and shields). Big counters to the ninja are Cannons (the green ones) and Lasers, make sure to take these out first!

The other big winning troop composition at HQ4 is mass shields and troopers. This composition feels less like a strategy and more like a mad planting of troops, but it works. Here’s the layout:

  • (3x)Troopers + (3x)Shields

  • (1x)Boost

This one is a good cheap, fast option for clearing out a wide area. I recommend split lane, but have one lane more heavily trooped, for the other lane to wrap around behind eventually. Use boost on as many troops as possible. Coach makes this attack even more powerful!

I’ve purposefully left out commanders in these two compositions. I feel it doesn’t add a lot of value to add a troop you can only use once every 20 minutes.

Upgrading Cards:

This is is absolutely based on preference. Upgrade your HQ to escape the clutches of HQ4, or focus on farming, and build up your card levels. Personally, I’m upgrading my cards, and I’ll tell you why:

Upgrading/Farming VS Upgrading HQ



  • Easy way to get money.

  • Attacks only cost 10 gold (as opposed to 20 at HQ5).

  • Can spend less time upgrading cards at higher HQ’s later in the game.

  • Much better for domiantions, as you can sweep players with your high level cards.

  • Domination forces you to use all the high level cards you’ve been leveling up as you haven’t upgraded your HQ yet. (This one is an important one, you won’t be stuck with all your new under leveled cards you just obtained by upgrading HQ’s)


  • Missing out on new cards.

  • Stuck with same troop compositions.


One word: Jetpacks.

Domination is very easy and satisfying if you can carefully plan your troops and attacks across enemy bases. Scout around first, pick a full army of troops, then slowly pick the base apart. Like I mentioned, Jetpacks are very useful here if you look into which troops can target air, and which target ground.

In draft, it is important that you pick a Tank, a splash damager, and a ‘cleaner upper’ (I’m looking at you sneaky ninja). Focus on making sure you have all three of these, before looking at airdrops, or even your commander. Those aren’t as important as your base troops. Just remember to bring all your troops and spells (minus commander unless you definitely need them) as you can always recycle the ones you don’t use).

I can’t walk you through every base you’ll come across, but I can tell you some basic things to keep in mind when limiting your troops across multiple attacks.

  • Create a funnel, or remove troops that will block your ‘cleaner upper’ from taking the 3-star.

  • Don’t take your commander in unless you’re sure you’re going to use it.

  • Play slowly, pick the base apart.

  • Take note of the troop levels in your enemies base, and check them against your own. (Sometimes, only one or two higher leveled troops can sweep a base of lower levels).

That’s about it, post any questions you have below. I’m keen on adding some more troop compositions in the ‘Troops:’ section at some stage.

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