Sausage Man Lag Fix, Graphics and Frame Rate Guide

Sausage Man is a cartoon-styled, multiplayer shooting, battle royale game in which the heroes are sausages. It’s a game that’s simple to pick up and play whenever and wherever you choose. You’ll take on the roles of amusing and charming sausages and fight in high-octane, imaginative fights.

Many players have complained about frame dips and lags in Sausage Man. These issues can be annoying, might even ruin the fun of the game. Follow this In this article to find out How to fix lag and frame drops in Sausage Man and Best Sausage Man Graphics and Frame Rate Settings.

Sausage Man Size

  • Sausage Man Apk Size is 104.54MB on Tap Tap

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Sausage Man Lag Fix

1.) Your device may not meet the minimum or recommended specifications, You must own a high-quality smartphone. Because you’re using a low-end device, the game may lag at times. So Here is a Sausage Man minimum or recommended specifications which are as follows:

Sausage Man Requirements for Android

  • Minimum specifications for Android: Android 4.4, RAM 2G
  • Recommended specifications for Android: Android 8.0, RAM 4G

Sausage Man Requirements for Ios

  • Minimum specifications for iOS: iPhone 6s, iPad mini 4
  • Recommended specifications for iOS: iPhone 8

2. You can open the [Settings] button in the top right corner of the game lobby [General settings list], then access [Graphics]. Adjust the Resolution to “”Low”” and disable “”high frame rate””. This will significantly reduce overheating and lagging. You can check out the best Sausage Man’s best Graphics below.

3. Close background apps to free up your device’s memory, or restart it. You can also use the in-game Customer Support, or leave a message in TapTap Bug and Suggested Feedback Collection, including your device specifications.”

4.) Check if your phone has a heating issue. Play in front of a fan to keep your phone cold and prevent it from heating up while you’re playing.

5.) You’ll need a reliable internet connection.

6.) You must own a high-quality smartphone. Because you’re using a low-end device, the game may lag at times. Make sure no other applications are operating in the background or utilizing data. Close all other apps except Sausage Man if they’re running in the background.

7.) There will be storage space in the smartphone. Sometimes game lags because its internal memory has no storage space.

8.) You can reduce your graphics settings to eliminate lag.

Sausage Man Lag Fix ( How to Fix Lag in Sausage Man )

Sausage Man Graphics Settings

  • Basic Graphic: Smooth
  • Battle Resolution: Medium
  • Frame Rate: High


That’s all I can suggest because it worked for me, Now try these Sausage Man Lag Fix, Graphics, and Frame Rate settings and you will experience a better gaming experience for sure. Stay tuned to TheClashify for more info related to Sausage Man.

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