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School of Hierarchy Tier List 2023 Wiki – Best Abilities Guide

Hi guys, welcome to our School of Hierarchy Tier List Wiki, In this School of Hierarchy Tier List, we will show you the best abilities in the School of Hierarchy. In this article, you will also learn about the School of Hierarchy Game Mechanics, StatsPotential, Ability Level, Item Enhancement Drop Rates,  and Item Enhancement Rates

So come and take a look at this School of Hierarchy Tier List Wiki – Best Abilities Guide.

School of Hierarchy Abilities Tier List 2023

Abilities are Superpower that is manifested early in a kid’s life (Usually). These are also usually genetic. If, as a child, it doesn’t manifest then you’re automatically given ability level 1 & categorized as a cripple. From the start, your ability level is given based on stats. With your levels, you’re categorized between 5 different ranks.






Regardless of rank, most abilities require the user to be actively using them on purpose. Accidental use has only been seen with John Doe, and Remi, the latter of whom claims that when you become a High-Tier, your ability has chance of gaining a passive side effect. Hers being she can sense electrical currents.

School of Hierarchy Tier List Wiki (Best Abilities Tier List)

God Tier

  • Gravity
  • Aura Manipulation
  • Time Manipulation

High Tier

  • Fire Claw
  • Lightning

Elite Tier

  • Hunter
  • Energy

Mid Tier

  • Crescent Slash
  • Whirlwind

Low Tier

  • Barrage
  • Hand Blade

School of Hierarchy Ability Level Guide

Ability level is the power level of the game, the higher the stat, the stronger the opponent most likely is.

To calculate ability level use the following formula:

((PotentialLevel^1.5 MasteryLevel/100)/80 + 1) + (Attack/20) + (Durability/40) + (Speed/60) + (Recovery/30) + ((Trick (Attack/10 + 1))/20) + (Equipment Attack/10) + ( Equipment Defense/20) + (Equipment Speed/30) + (Equipment Recovery/15)

(Equipment reffers to stats given by items)

Roblox School of Hierarchy Guide 2023 Wiki

Item Enhancement Drop Rates

75% of 0 – 5 enhancement level
20% of 6 – 8 enhancement level
4.99% of 9 – 10 enhancement level
0.1% of 11 – 12 enhancement level

Working School of Hierarchy Codes

1MEXP: Grants 1 million experience.
1MilMoney: Grants 1 million in-game cash.
POWWWEEERRRRR: Grants an enchant +12 strong
Attack Vial.
Fragmenting: Grants the Construct Fragments item.
FixPls: Gives 750k exp and cash


Wellston Students

Wellston Students can be found inside and outside the school, around the hospital and at the fountain next to the dormitory. Their levels range from lvl 1 up to lvl 7 with high levels spawning rarely. Higher levelled NPC’s do not have an increase in item drop rates.

Some Wellston students are different and are instead Field Bosses. The NPC’s with this title are Blyke , Isen and Gavin

Drops: Wellston students have a 10% chance to drop:

City NPC

City NPC’s can be found around all parts of the map besides the school and hospital areas. These NPC’s have the rare chances to spawn as level 7’s while it’s more common for them to be between level 1-4. City NPC’s are capable of possessing any ability besides Mythicals.

Drops: City NPC’s have a 10% chance to drop:

Tips: With a high enough attack stat, players are capable of one shotting most city NPC’s. No other tips are needed. Also, See – Project Ghoul Tier List and King Legacy Best Fighting Style Tier List

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