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5 Shadowgun War Games Heroes Abilities and Tips & Tricks

Hi guys Today we will talk about Shadowgun War Games Heros, There are 5 Heroes in Shadowgun War Games and each hero comes with unique weapons and abilities. In this post, I will show you Shadowgun War Games Heroes Abilities & Playstyle Tips and Tricks so come and take a look at this article

1.) John Slade

John Slade is best character for beginners, He is the most notorious of all the Shadowguns, interstellar soldiers of fortune. A veteran of many battles, his wits and combat abilities make him the perfect soldier and a force to be reckoned with in War Games.

Shadowgun War Games Slade Abilities:

  1. GRENADE – Throw a grenade that damages enemies upon explosion
  2. MEDKIT – Inject yourself with painkillers, recovering a small amount of health

2.) Sara

Sara is the best character for support role, her primary weapon is Asclepius Rocket Launcher, Short for Sentient Android Robotic Assistant, SARA has “lived” many lives and has countless talents underneath her metal frame. Equipped with a rocket launcher and powerful support abilities, she always has her teammates’ backs.

  1. HEALING BLAST – Throw a grenade that heals allies upon detonation
  2. PROTECTION DOME – Deploy a protective dome, absorbing enemy fire

3.) Jet:

Jet is a very good Hero for Close-range, Jet always managed to complete his mission even against overwhelming odds always on the move never backing down all should watch their backs when the jet is around in war games.

Jets primary weapon is the Griffon machine pistol an accurate rapid-fire handgun suitable for mid-range combat and the second weapon of Jets is the Jabberwock shotgun it’s extremely powerful and can help you get out of trouble if you find yourself in close-range combat with your enemies

As Jet as quick on his feet and obsessed with time and speed his abilities give you more mobility and different ways to outsmart or outrun your opponent’s

Shadowgun War Games Jet Abilities:

  • BLINK – Teleport a short distance in the direction you are looking.
  • TIME RIFT – Transport into an alternate timeline where no one can harm you

When you use Blink Jet immediately teleports a short distance in the direction he’s looking you can use this ability to chase your opponents as well as to outgrow

The Blink also works great with your second ability Time Rift travels into an alternate timeline where he’s invincible but can’t see his opponents this means you’ll be able to get away from a fight or sneak around your enemies other players can still see a slightly visible trail behind you so you have to be careful not to get spotted

Shadowgun War Games Jet Playstyle:

He’s definitely the fastest Hero in Shadowgun Wargames use this to your advantage why fight when you can just outsmart your enemies use your abilities to sneak through the whole map steal the flag and get it safely to your base with some skill and a tiny bit of luck

You won’t even get noticed jet can be a bit harder to play and getting used to but once you master his playstyle his ability to flank enemies and quickly capture the flag makes him invaluable to your team

4.) Willow

Willow is one of the galaxy’s top snipers and as such she likes to keep her distance both figuratively and literally coldest ice and lethal aspire willow will make everyone double-check before crossing any open space in wargames

Willows primary weapon is the Avenger sniper rifle perfect for dealing massive amounts of damage from the backline while staying safe from your enemies the rifle is semi-automatic so you don’t have to reload after every shot if an opponent gets too close to you

the second weapon of  Willow is Lynx SMG this rapid-fire submachine gun will help you take care of any short to mid-range threat also consider switching to it when you don’t have enough time to reload your rifle

Shadowgun War Games Willow Abilities:

  • FLASH MINE –  She deploys a mine that will temporarily blind any opponent that steps on it if an enemy is chasing you activate the mine find a good position and then use your enemies confusion to your advantage or deploy to mine in a close-range fight instantly blinding the enemy and assuring your victory
  • SUPERCHARGE – Charge your bullets with energy, causing extra damage for a short duration. Willow charges her weapons to deal even more damage use it to take down a hard to kill target or to quickly dispatch multiple enemies in your sights

Shadowgun War Games Willows Playstyle:

It’s crucial to keep a distance from her enemies as she has a lower amount of health always tried to find a vantage point where you’ll remain safe and see your enemy well if you get into close combat you’ll probably want to disengage as soon as possible the flash mind can help with that

If you feel like fighting your way out the SMG is probably a better weapon to use instead of trying to no scope your opponent willows damage output is very high but once you get caught you’re gonna have a hard time so always look out for your surroundings

Willow is a perfect choice for everyone from favors long-distance combat and has great aim she is ready to help you to become a wargames champion

5.) Revenant:

He is a member of an enslaved alien race, Revenant had to exchange a part of his soul in order to care for what he holds dear. This resilient cyborg full of rage and regret is now one of the most terrifying contestants War Games has to offer.

Revenant Primary Weapon is the Ravager Machine Gun with its huge magazine size and decent rate of fire it’s an excellent tool for keeping your enemies at bay just shower your opponents position with bullets while your teammates attack their flank or steal the flag And the second weapon of  Revenant is Zealot it truly shines when you find yourself facing a wounded opponent in close quarters combat

Shadowgun War Games Revenant Abilities:

  • ROAR – Slow and disorient players in a 90-degree arc in front of you. Roar is best to be used against multiple targets he sends a loud sonic roar in a 90-degree cone slowing and disorienting all enemies hit once you land the ability it will be really hard for your opponent to run away or to move at all

Shadowgun War Games Revenant Playstyle:

Out of all the heroes participating in wargames revenant has the toughest skin his sheer size draws an enemy fire while his high health allows him to survive long enough for your teammates to flank and dispatch

The opposing team making him the ideal candidate for your team’s frontline in exchange for his toughness revenant has the slowest movement speed but if you find yourself in need of quickly covering a short distance inner Aegis speed boost will help you to safely reach your opponent’s position




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