Shakes and Fidget Tier List 2024 – Best Classes Ranking

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Aaqib Javed
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Want to find the best Class in Shakes and Fidget that can help you to win the game? Well, then you’ve come to the right place, as we’ve put together a Shakes and Fidget Tier list for this game.

This post was made to help players not get fooled by YouTuber “opinions” or myths. Keep in mind for any ranking list to make sense it has to be based on the same mushroom paid and game knowledge. Also, Read – Shakes and Fidget Redeem Codes

Tier List Ranking Explanation:

How to rank Shakes and Fidget classes objectively? There are 2 main factors, volatility and balance.

In simple terms, class volatility is determined by how lucky it can get to beat stronger opponents.

From Caesar faq-volatility:

Low volatility is advantageous against opponents with lower stats while it is disadvantageous against opponents with higher stats.

How does volatility impact class ranking?

Well, the classes with higher volatility will always progress faster in dungeons thus ending later on with more levels and stats.
Battlemage and warrior currently have the lowest volatility.

This is why a pvp ranking list has zero meaning, classes will never have the same level and stats late game.

A level 500 berserker cant be compared to a level 500 battlemage with the same stats (AND MPAID!) because that will never happen in a real scenario as the berserker breezes through the dungeon while bm is way slower.

Now onto the balance, nowadays balance is ruined and there are classes that are stronger than others mathematically.

The best example is Demonhunter, after his rework, it is not only the best class for dungeons as it is extremely volatile but it also is broken for fair (same stats) matchups, having + more than 50% win rate to most classes according to stools simulator.

So if you play DH not only will you progress faster than others in dungeons and get a stat advantage later on, but you will also be on an advantage even on fair matchups and ALSO be ridiculously strong even if you are weaker than your opponent. Play a bit with sftools simulator to confirm this yourself.

Shakes and Fidget Tier List 2024

Shakes and Fidget Tier List

Shakes and Fidget Classes 2024 Tier List

S Tier – DH, unbalanced in fair matchups, even with extremely high volatility still performs very
well in arena.

A tier – Berserker, very good in dungeons basically a scout but better in pve but suffers just a bit more in pvp against mages(double damage).

B tier – Scout/ assassin, both have decent dungeon progress and are ok (consistence wise) in

C tier – Mage, not very good in dungeons and also inconsistent in arena.

D tier – Warrior, BM, both absolute trash in dungeons, cant get any use of their low volatility if they cant end up more stats then their enemies.

Bug tier – Bard, druid, I cant put any of those classes on a serious ranking as they are both a joke and completely unbalanced. They are too weak/strong on different game scenarios to be considered playable competitively.

Shakes and Fidget Classes Guide 2024


Berserker deals 25% more damage than displayed in the stats. Therefore his damage is equal to Scout damage.

His repeated attack is identical to :Scout’s evade. That means that you evade opponent’s attack and can attack again (and not chain attack).

He can evade if the enemy starts (50% chance – including against mages, increases enrage by 1 or more if enemy is a Berserker. This evade is not shown during the fight.

Class Bonus
11% of equipment bonus (including upgrades but does NOT include gems)


+ Only damage & HP matters (cannot be evaded and ignores armor)

– Hit well or die miserably


+ Very consistent and best-performing class from all Scout variants

– Needs 2 weapons

That’s it for this Shakes and Fidget Tier List. Find the best game tier lists and game guides at Theclashify. Level up your gameplay today.

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