Slayer Legend Event Guide – What to Buy from Event Shop?

Hi guys, Welcome to our Slayer Legend Event Guide, In this Slayer Legend Event Guide we will tell you about What should you buy in the Event Shop in Slayer Legend?

This Slayer Legend Event Guide is shared by cake, Where he has explained what is best best thing to do from the shop including Spirits, Skills Cards and more

Slayer Legend Event Guide

What should I buy in the Event Shop?


1. Grab the 3 random epics first.

2. Patience is key! The event lasts three weeks. So if you’re going to summon for spirits anyway in the next 3 weeks, be patient and select the legendary spirit once you know what other 2 legendaries you have from summons.

Companion Stones

Comp stones, it’s usually recommended to buy companion stones during events as they are a time-gated resource

Water – mana regen & mana cap

Fire – dmg resist & dodge (important if you’re using rage build to push stages)

Earth – atk sum

Wind – enemy HP reduction

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Skill Cards

When dealing with skills cards it is generally advisable to buy Rare skill cards. They are the best worth, it’s cheaper to combine; 25 rare = 5 epic = 1 legendary. This is cheaper than buying epics/legendary skill cards. This does not mean I recommend combining skills.)

When buying rare skill cards it’s best to opt for passives/buffs.

Highly recommended to buy Skill Cards as they do not usually appear in Event stores, whilst companion stones show up in every Event store.

Slayer Legend Event Guide

Slayer Legend Event Guide 2023 

The New Event Tips And My Informations For You (Kinda Fixed Version) by Osumazi

At first i want to say this event is like 10 times better than the trash we had before with rolling dice for bad rewards. Probably got more diamond at the first day then halfway through the last event.

I will just leave the chances for the succesful inflation of the balloon:

-> 0 || 100 Diamonds || 100%

-> 1 || 200 Diamonds || 95%

-> 2 || 400 Diamonds || 85.5%

-> 3 || 800 Diamonds || 72.675%

-> 4 || 1,600 Diamonds || 58.14%

-> 5 || 3,200 Diamonds || 43.605%

-> 6 || 6,400 Diamonds || 30.5235%

-> 7 || 12,800 Diamonds || 19.840275%

-> 8 || 25,600 Diamonds || 11.904165%

-> 9 || 51,200 Diamonds || 6.54729075%

10 || 102,400 Diamonds || 3.273645375%

So choose yourself what you are aiming for. Today i got the 12,800 Diamonds (lucky me).

Maybe we can discuss a strategy for that dart and teddy finding… My strategy so far:

You start popping the second ballon from the second horizontal line (lets say from left top corner) and continue with the 4th balloon of the same horizontal and then the 6th but not the 8th because it is on an edge. Next you do start with the 5th horizontal line and the same balloons… 2nd 4th and 6th from the left. If you did not find a star or the teddy pop the balloons being left in the 2nd and 5th horizontal line starting with 3rd 5th and 7th leaving the ones on the edges to increase your chance. If you still did not manage to find a star or the teddy on your 12th dart you use your horizontal shot at the 7th horizontal line. It would look like this:

Legend: ○ = left balloon ; ■ = dartthrow ; (n) = number of your dart you used ; 》》》 = the horizontal line you shoot.


○■■■■■■○ (1) (7) (2) (8) (3) (9)



○■■■■■■○ (4) (10) (5) (11) (6) (12)


》》》》》》》》 horizontal


After 12 shots and the horizontal one the teddy would be exposed on the following positions by finding it or a star:

Legend: ○ = not exposed ; ☆ = Exposed









This means 58/64 balloons are not the teddybear anymore.

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