Sonic Origins Guide – Change CD Soundtrack & Settings

Hi guys, Welcome to our Sonic Origins Guide, In this Sonic Origins Guide, we will show you Slightly Sharper Pixels, and better color Quality Guide, How to Fix Lag,.

So come and take a look at this Sonic Origins Guide – Change CD Soundtrack & Settings

Sonic Origins Guide – Change CD Soundtrack & Settings

Finding the settings menu

-The settings menu can ONLY be found on the museum island

– I know this a stupid step but i spent 10 minutes looking for a basic options menu and thought for a second that there was not even one (Seems like a very SEGA move).

-This is called, Bad user experience and should be adjusted to be in the basic ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ pause menu

Recommended Sonic Origins Settings

– Resolution should be set to you monitors default resolution (It does not do so by default)

– Screen mode should be set to boarder-less window (This has not noticeably affected my input lag even though i thought it would, i play these games a lot so i should notice)

– V sync Should be set off (if your getting input lag, this is probably causing it)

– LEAVE ANTI – ALIASING OFF, not just in this game but in general, ♥♥♥♥♥ with color way too much (Uh Oh Bias)
Why the default settings are dumb and therefore cringe
– For some reason the resolution set by default for everyone is 2715 – 1527, i have no idea why its set like this or even its a real resolution but it causes the pixels to be slightly more blurry than it should

– Full screen is fair to have on by default for a game like this but like i said cause it can cause input lag but since turning it off, like i said i haven’t notice any additional lag, the full screen also dulls out the colors, and for a game like this, it looks awful

– Vsync can cause input lag and is also unnecessary to have on, I’m using a RTX 3060ti and have had no screen tearing issues

The Final Step

– Buy and play Tetris Effect Connected

– Buy and play doom eternal

– Please stop slenderizing Sonic CD and trying to say its on par with Sonic 06

How to Change Sonic cd Soundtrack

  • Go to anniversary sonic cd
  • Move in the menu and select soundtrack
  • Select your soundtrack and you are done