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Soul War Shikai Tier List – Obtainment + Inner Worlds

Hi guys, Welcome to our Soul War Shikai Tier List Aka Soul War Best Shikai In this article, we will show you the Soul War Shikai Tier List. There are so many Shikai in Soul War and Shikai are a soul reaper’s best friend. They have powerful abilities that aid the soul reaper. Upon the first activation, you gain a full heal. To obtain a Shikai, you must be a RANK 10 Soul Reaper. Upon getting Rank 10, you must get low to any source. there is a low chance of you obtaining Shikai once at 10% HP, if you do not obtain it, then simply ESC + R and try again.

So come and take a look at this Soul War Shikai Tier List.

Soul War Shikai Tier List 2023

A Soul Reaper’s Shikai calls out for the first time.


Pressing N will send you to your Inner World. your Inner World is based on your current shikai. When you arrive, your Shikai will greet you and you get to choose between three options, Talk, Fight, Guide. The shikai gets upset when you want to do one thing more then once.


Some Shikai spirits have different ways of thinking and talking to you. Each spirit has a preference of interaction with its user, either by talking or by fighting you. It’s up to you to decide what you will do with it, though.

Soul War Shikai Tier List - Obtainment + Inner Worlds

Inner World Options

Talk – Talk to your Shikai. The Shikai will ask you a question based on the things it’s told you, and you will need to answer correctly. Answering correctly will give you reputation with your shikai, and answering incorrectly will worsen it. Pressing “I don’t know” will reveal the answer to the question.

Fight – Fight your shikai. Your shikai appears in front of you, and proceeds to fight you. If you win, you will gain reputation. Losing will kick you out of your Inner World.

Guide – Click guide when you don’t know the answer to a question. It will give a major hint to the answer of the current question.

  • Inner Worlds
  • Beast
  • String
  • Ice
  • Disruption
  • Blood
  • Wind
  • Black Hole
  • Justice
  • Decay
  • Nature

That’s it for this Soul War Shikai Tier List. Also, Read – King Legacy Best Fighting Style Tier List and Anime Dimensions Tier List

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