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Stand Proud Trello & Wiki – Best Stand Tier List Guide

Looking for Stand Proud Trello? You are at the right place here we will give you Stand Proud Trello information. Stand proud is the JoJo inspired Roblox game, introducing new and unique mechanics and features to keep gameplay smooth and fun for new and experienced players.

You can earn Yen in the game to spend on new abilities to eliminate your opponents using your favourite ability in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. So come and take a look at this Stand Proud Trello

Stand Proud Trello & Best Stand Tier List

Star Platinum

“You truly are the lowest scum in history. You can’t pay back what you owe with money.”

E – Barrage

Star Platinum throws a barrage of strikes, each dealing 2 damage upon each hit.

R – Heavy Strike

Star Platinum charges up a strong punch, dealing 28 damage on contact.

T – Star Finger

Star Platinum extends its fingers to stab opponents from afar, dealing 17 damage.

Y – Pressured Air

Star Platinum sucks in all the surrounding air, reeling in nearby opponents.

G – Judgement

Star Platinum reaches forward and grabs an opponent. Star Platinum grabs them by the throat on contact and unleashes a deadly barrage of fists on his opponent, and finally uppercuts them away.

H – Quick Time Stop

The user blinks behind the opponent closest to the cursor.

V – Iggy Throw

Star Platinum hurls Iggy the Dog forward, dealing 15 damage on contact.

The World

“You fool! You shall soon know… …that The World’s true power is, indeed, the power to reign over this world!”

E – Barrage

The World throws a barrage of strikes, each dealing 2.29 damage.

R- Heavy Strike

The World charges up a strong punch, dealing 30 damage on contact.

T – Hinjaku!

The World throws a kick dealing 10 damage. On contact, The World will deliver a barrage of kicks each dealing 1.5 damage and finally kick the opponent away.

Y – Time Stop Punch

The user briefly stops and leaps forward as The World throws a punch dealing 20 damage.

G – Time Stop

The user strikes a pose and stops the time for 5 seconds.

H – Road Roller

The user disappears and suddenly slams a Road Roller down on the ground dealing 25 damage to all opponents nearby.

V – Knife

The user throws 5 knives, each dealing 3 damage.

Magician’s Red

“Sometimes suffering is the only way to make a fool see reason.”

E – Barrage

Magician’s Red throws a barrage of strikes, each dealing 1.6 damage.

R- Heavy Strike

Magician’s Red charges up a fiery punch, dealing 15 damage on contact and 9 damage over time.

T – Fire Breathing

Magician’s Red breathes fire, dealing 1.5 damage each hit.

Y – Red Bind

Magician’s Red sets down a fiery trap. If an opponent steps on it, they are dealt 24 damage and are reeled toward the user.

G – Inferno Circle

The user and Magician’s Red make a fiery leap forward. On contact with an opponent, Magician’s Red uppercuts them into the air and slams them down with a fiery rope dealing 15 damage and creating a fiery circle that does not allow exit nor entry.

H – Begone

Magician’s Red charges up a spell striking poses and combusts in fire dealing 22 damage to nearby opponents.

V – Crossfire Hurricane

Magician’s Red creates a fiery ankh and hurls it forward dealing 10 damage on contact.


“One by one, one after the other, I, Vanilla Ice, will scatter your atoms across my void…”

E – Barrage

Cream throws a barrage of strikes, each dealing 1.5 damage.

R – Heavy Strike

GER charges up a strong punch, dealing 25 damage on contact.

T – Chop

Cream performs a knifehand strike, dealing 30 damage on contact.

Y – Void Ambush

Cream disappears for a brief second before he reappears as a void sphere under your opponent and launches himself upward dealing 25 damage.

G – Void Ball

Cream devours the user and turns into a void ball that the user can control, attacking all enemies in your way and knocking them away, and dealing 4 damage per hit.

H – Lightspeed Void

The user and Cream leap forward. On contact, the user and Cream form a void ball and crash into their opponent at light speed multiple times, dragging them around in the air before finally slamming them down.

V – Void Peak

Cream devours the user, making them invincible for a short duration.


“The gun’s mightier than the sword!”

E- Bullet Rush

Emperor unleashes a shower of bullets at opponents, each dealing 1.5 damage.

R – U-Turn Pistol

The user shoots a bullet at the opponent closest to the user’s cursor that travles in a curved trajectory, dealing 12 damage on contact.

T – Hanged Man

Hanged Man appears in front of the user and wildly swings its blade, dealing 4 damage each hit.

G – Charged Bullets

The user charges up 4 shots and fires them to the nearest opponent all at once, each dealing 3 damage.

V – Run for it!

The user runs away at incredible speeds.

Crazy Diamond

“You bastard… What the hell did you say about my hair?!”

E – Barrage

Crazy Diamond throws a barrage of strikes, each dealing 1.9 damage.

R – Heavy Strike

Crazy Diamond charges up a strong punch, dealing 25 damage on contact.

T – Motorcycle

The user rides on a motorcycle and zooms around for a short duration. On contact with an opponent, the motorcycle crashes into them dealing 20 damage.

Y – Wall Creation

Crazy Diamond creates a stone wall while doing a backflip with the user, launching theirselves backwards.

G – Beatdown

Crazy Diamond throws a punch dealing 10 damage. On contact, Crazy Diamond clobbers the opponent with 3 strong punches and launches them away with a kick.

H – Hair Counter

The user pulls out a brush and starts brushing their hair. If they are hit during the animation they become enraged, gaining a damage buff.

V – Tracking Glass

Crazy Diamond launches a piece of glass that tracks the opponent closest to the user’s cursor, dealing 10 damage.

That’s it for this Stand Proud Trello & Wiki – Best Stand Tier List Guide

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