Starship Troopers Extermination Classes & Bug Killing

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Starship Troopers Extermination Classes & Bug Killing

M.I. Basics

Attention, troopers!

Fleet Command has assigned us two critical mission types that require your utmost dedication and combat prowess. Prepare yourselves for the following operations:

Mission Type 1: A.A.S. – Assault and Secure

Troopers, your task is straightforward but far from easy. You will be dropped from your bays into the heart of enemy territory, precisely where Mission Command designates. Your primary objective is to assault the assigned location and secure it at all costs.

Once your Advanced Reconnaissance Capsule (ARC) is deployed, you must defend it with your lives. Protect it from any hostile bugs that may attempt to breach your defenses. Remember, the success of this mission lies in your ability to eliminate the enemy and secure the area swiftly.

This operation is particularly tailored to our brave rookies, a trial by fire to sharpen your skills and earn valuable combat experience. Never forget that an experienced trooper is an invaluable asset to our cause.

Mission Type 2: ARC Mission

The second mission type is a specialized assignment exclusive to our seasoned veterans—the ARC mission. This operation demands flawless coordination through voice communications and tactical map utilization. Your primary objective is to establish a fortified base of operations, extracting precious ore and gas resources.

The ARC will then initiate its protocol, scouring the area for hidden Arachnid tunnels. Remember, always prioritize ore resource gathering, and ensure the swift establishment of your base. The bugs have shown predictable behavior patterns when the ARC initiates its scanning protocol.

Exploit this weakness to your advantage, for their response will remain consistent. Implement a strategic build order, expanding your base from the center outwards. Additionally, if you stumble upon a signal booster or generators during your operation, activate it immediately.

Command will acknowledge your accomplishment by supplying you with indispensable rocket launchers. Rest assured, you will require these formidable weapons.

Remain ever-vigilant for the treacherous Spitter bugs, a deadly ranged menace you cannot afford to underestimate. Grenadiers pose a significant threat to your defenses, and Tigers are an all-encompassing danger that demands your utmost caution.

Recall your training, troopers, for it is the key to survival on the battlefield. Activate the Tactical Map by pressing TAB, enabling you to make informed decisions and execute precise maneuvers. For those rookies who have inadvertently set their helmet cams on zoom, correct it by entering the command “~ fov 120,” without the quotations. Exceeding this value risks inverting your Heads-Up Display (HUD), a distraction we cannot afford in the heat of battle.

Troopers, your dedication, and unwavering resolve are vital to the success of these missions. The future of humanity rests upon your shoulders. Move out, execute your objectives, and secure victory against the insidious bug menace! Godspeed, troopers!

Service guarantees citizenship!

Soldier Class “Hunter”

Introducing the Hunter Assault Infantry, the embodiment of lightning-fast speed and aerial superiority on the battlefield.

Standing at 6 feet tall, these troopers possess an agility and swiftness that surpasses even the most seasoned warriors. With muscles honed through relentless high-intensity speed training, they move with the grace and precision of predatory felines, darting effortlessly between cover, leaving their enemies in awe and disbelief.

Equipped with a cutting-edge jump jet system, the Hunters take to the skies, defying gravity with the grace of avian predators. Their jetpacks propel them through the air, allowing them to swiftly reposition, bypass enemy defenses, and descend upon their unsuspecting prey like an unstoppable force of nature.

In their hands, the iconic Morita MK1 carbine is a testament to their unyielding marksmanship. With each squeeze of the trigger, it unleashes a barrage of high-velocity rounds, meticulously aimed and devastatingly accurate. The carbine’s compact design and lightweight construction make it the perfect weapon for the nimble and agile Hunter, delivering death from a distance with unrivaled precision.

Clad in streamlined armor, the Hunter’s suit allows for enhanced mobility and flexibility, minimizing any hindrance to their lightning-fast movements. The sleek, black exoskeleton, adorned with stealth-enhancing features, allows these troopers to blend seamlessly with the shadows, striking swiftly and silently, like phantoms of death.

Their helmet, equipped with advanced optics and augmented reality displays, grants them unparalleled situational awareness. A heads-up display provides real-time tactical information, tracking the movements of both allies and enemies. Enhanced targeting systems and threat identification algorithms ensure every shot fired is on target, leaving no room for error.

With their heightened speed and agility, the Hunters become the vanguard of assault, launching lightning-quick offensives against the arachnid hordes. They infiltrate deep behind enemy lines, wreaking havoc and chaos, their relentless onslaught leaving the enemy in disarray and confusion.

The Hunter Assault Infantry, with their jump jets, lightning-fast reflexes, and deadly accuracy, embody the epitome of combat prowess. They strike fear into the hearts of the arachnids, appearing like ethereal specters of destruction, and leaving behind a trail of devastation in their wake.

In the crucible of battle, the Hunters rise above the ranks, embodying the Mobile Infantry’s unyielding spirit. Their speed, agility, and unwavering determination make them the spearhead of humanity’s fight against the arachnid horde, and a true testament to the indomitable will of mankind.

Soldier class “Bastion Heavy Infantry”

Behold the mighty Bastion Heavy Infantry, an unstoppable force of indomitable strength and unwavering resilience on the battlefield!

Standing at an imposing 7 feet tall, the Bastion is a hulking figure, fortified by the impenetrable armor that encases their form. This armor grants them a level of protection that surpasses that of their fellow troopers, bestowing upon them vastly increased health and durability, making them an unyielding bulwark against the arachnid menace.

But it is not just their enhanced defenses that set the Bastion apart; their armor possesses a formidable ability known as “Siege Mode.” With a flick of a switch, the armor deploys a ring of reinforced plating around the trooper, stabilizing their aim and increasing their defense to an unparalleled level. In this mode, the Bastion becomes an immovable fortress, weathering the enemy’s onslaught with steadfast resolve.

Equipped with their preferred weapon, the Morita MK3 SAW, the Bastion unleashes a torrential storm of firepower upon the arachnid hordes. This fearsome weapon, capable of staggering even the most formidable foes, boasts a staggering ammunition capacity, allowing the Bastion to spread a relentless hail of rounds across the frontline. Each thunderous burst from the SAW serves to disorient and break the advance of the arachnid forces, giving the Mobile Infantry a crucial advantage.

The Bastion’s strength is matched only by their unwavering determination and steadfast loyalty to their comrades. They stand at the forefront of the battle, absorbing enemy fire with their fortified armor, while their powerful weaponry cuts through the arachnids with unrivaled precision. Their presence on the battlefield is a beacon of hope for their fellow troopers, inspiring them to push forward with unyielding resolve.

With each step, the ground trembles beneath the Bastion’s feet, marking their unwavering advance towards victory. Their sheer presence commands attention, striking fear into the hearts of the arachnids. They are a symbol of the Mobile Infantry’s unbreakable spirit and the embodiment of humanity’s unrelenting will to overcome.

In the darkest moments of the war, the Bastion Heavy Infantry stands as an unyielding pillar, an immovable force against the encroaching horde. They are the protectors of humanity, the embodiment of fortitude and strength, and a testament to the unwavering determination of the Mobile Infantry.

Soldier class “operator support infantry”

Introducing the invaluable Operative Support Infantry, a versatile force equipped with essential tools and capabilities to assist and sustain their fellow troopers in the heat of battle!

Adorned in standard-issue armor, the Operative Support Infantry stands ready to carry out their critical missions on the frontlines. Their distinct feature is the “Canister Slot,” a specialized attachment that allows them to carry two canisters of gas or ore, or one while still maintaining the ability to utilize their weapon effectively. This flexibility enables them to provide crucial supplies to their comrades, ensuring the Mobile Infantry remains well-equipped for the challenges that lie ahead.

The Operative Support Infantry’s arsenal includes a remarkable asset, the Medical UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle). This drone, operated by the operative, serves as a beacon of hope in dire situations. When activated, the Medical UAV swiftly navigates the battlefield, attending to critically injured troopers. Its advanced medical systems revive and stabilize wounded soldiers, breathing new life into those on the brink of death. This remarkable device acts as a guardian angel, ensuring that no comrade is left behind.

In addition to their life-saving abilities, the Operative Support Infantry carries First Aid Stims, a vital resource for maintaining troop readiness. These stimulants contain a potent blend of painkillers and blood clotting agents, enabling injured troopers to endure and fight through pain while stemming excessive bleeding. With their aid, wounded soldiers can persevere and remain in the fight, even amidst the chaos of battle.

The Operative Support Infantry is armed with two formidable weapon options, both tailored to their mission. The TW 202-I Morita Hawkeye semi-automatic rifle is a masterpiece of precision and lethality. Its exceptional accuracy and devastating stopping power make it a fearsome weapon in the hands of the operative. Alternatively, they may wield the C-32 Chi-Hong Grenade Launcher, a revolver-style grenade launcher that hurls 40mm high-explosive grenades. Perfect for engaging enemies in chokepoints, this weapon turns the tide of battle with explosive force.

With their canister supplies, life-saving Medical UAV, and First Aid Stims, the Operative Support Infantry plays a vital role in bolstering the resilience and combat effectiveness of their comrades. Their unwavering dedication to their fellow troopers embodies the ethos of the Mobile Infantry, as they provide the crucial support needed to ensure victory against the arachnid menace.

In the face of adversity, the Operative Support Infantry stands tall, a beacon of support and healing amidst the chaos of war. They embody the unwavering spirit of camaraderie and sacrifice, forever ready to lend aid and sustain their fellow troopers on the relentless path to victory.

Enemy class “workers”

Attention, Mobile Infantry recruits! Gather ’round for a briefing on the insidious and industrious Worker Bug, a crucial component of the arachnid menace that we face on the battlefield.

The Worker Bug, as its name suggests, forms an integral part of the arachnid hierarchy. These creatures, while lacking the ferocity and aggression of their warrior brethren, are by no means to be underestimated. Our understanding of the Worker Bug’s role is vital for effective engagement and neutralization on the battlefield.

In appearance, the Worker Bug stands at approximately three feet tall, with an elongated thorax and multiple appendages perfectly suited for their laborious tasks. Their exoskeleton provides them with a considerable degree of protection, making them resistant to small arms fire and capable of withstanding the harsh environments they often inhabit.

Workers primarily serve as the backbone of the arachnid society, performing a multitude of tasks vital for the hive’s survival and expansion. They exhibit impressive efficiency in construction, excavation, and resource gathering, tirelessly toiling to fulfill the needs of their arachnid overlords.

These creatures possess sharp mandibles, which they employ both for feeding and defense. While individually, they pose little direct threat to the Mobile Infantry, their sheer numbers can overwhelm and distract our forces, creating opportunities for the more aggressive arachnid castes to strike.

To effectively engage Worker Bugs, it is imperative to disrupt their laborious activities and dismantle their resource-gathering capabilities. By cutting off their supply lines and destroying their nests and hives, we cripple the arachnid infrastructure, hampering their ability to sustain their forces and mount coordinated offensives.

Be cautious, recruits, for the Worker Bugs often move in swarms, utilizing their sheer numbers to protect their hives and nests. Their tenacity in defending their territory should not be underestimated. Remain vigilant and use your training to identify weak points in their defenses, exploiting them to strike with precision and efficiency.

Remember, recruits, the eradication of the Worker Bugs is a crucial step towards dismantling the arachnid threat. By disrupting their laborious efforts, we impede the arachnid war machine and create an advantage for our forces to exploit.

Stay focused, stay disciplined, and work together. The eradication of the Worker Bug is but one piece of the larger puzzle, but your efforts will contribute to the ultimate victory of the Mobile Infantry and the preservation of humanity.

Starship Troopers Extermination Guide

Enemy class “Warrior”

Attention, Mobile Infantry recruits! Prepare yourselves for a crucial briefing on the relentless and fearsome adversary known as the Arachnid Warrior Bug. This formidable creature is a linchpin of the arachnid forces we face on the frontlines.

The Arachnid Warrior Bug is the epitome of raw aggression and brute strength, standing as a towering behemoth on the battlefield. Towering over ten feet in height, these monstrous creatures are equipped with a thick, chitinous exoskeleton that provides exceptional protection against conventional small arms fire.

This relentless predator possesses multiple pairs of razor-sharp limbs, capable of rending through steel and flesh with ease. Their powerful mandibles crush bone and sever limbs, and their spiked appendages strike with lethal precision. These fearsome natural weapons make the Warrior Bug an intimidating and formidable opponent.

The Warrior Bugs are the backbone of the arachnid assault force, relentlessly charging into battle with unwavering determination. They possess remarkable agility for their size, capable of launching devastating leaps and closing the distance with astonishing speed. Their thick carapace offers substantial protection, making them highly resistant to small arms fire, shrapnel, and other conventional projectiles.

Engaging the Warrior Bugs demands utmost caution and discipline. Their sheer size and strength can easily overpower individual troopers. However, our training and tactics provide effective means of countering their ferocious assaults.

To effectively neutralize a Warrior Bug, targeting their vulnerable points is paramount. Aim for the head and abdomen, where the exoskeleton is comparatively thinner. Employ heavy weaponry, such as anti-tank missiles or high-caliber rounds, to breach their formidable defenses. Precision and teamwork are crucial, as concentrated firepower is required to bring down these colossal adversaries.

Stay agile and maintain situational awareness, recruits. The Warrior Bugs are known for their relentless pursuit and unyielding tenacity. They will exploit any opening, and a single misstep could prove fatal. Use the terrain to your advantage, utilizing cover and maneuvering to gain the upper hand.

Remember, recruits, we face a relentless and savage adversary in the Arachnid Warrior Bug. Their strength is matched only by our indomitable spirit and the training we have undergone. By maintaining discipline, precision, and unity, we will overcome these formidable adversaries and emerge victorious.

Prepare yourselves, for the battles ahead will test your mettle. Stay focused, stay vigilant, and remember the importance of teamwork. Together, as the Mobile Infantry, we will face the Arachnid Warrior Bugs head-on and prove that humanity’s will is unbreakable!

Enemy class “Spitter”

Attention, Mobile Infantry recruits! Listen up for a crucial briefing on the insidious and dangerous adversary known as the Spitter Bug. This vile creature is a ranged ground unit that poses a significant threat on the battlefield.

The Spitter Bug is a unique and deadly breed of arachnid, specializing in long-range attacks. These creatures, equipped with specialized air sacks, are capable of launching sharp spines with deadly accuracy and devastating force. Their attacks can strike at a considerable distance, raining down a hail of deadly projectiles upon our forces.

Unlike their larger brethren, the Spitter Bugs are relatively smaller in size, typically standing at around four to five feet tall. However, do not underestimate their capabilities. Their small stature allows them to maneuver swiftly and hide within the terrain, making them challenging to detect and neutralize.

The most prominent feature of the Spitter Bug is its elongated proboscis, which houses the sharp spines it launches towards our troops. These projectiles can penetrate armor, causing severe injuries and even fatalities if not treated promptly. Their accuracy and range make them a formidable threat, as they can engage our forces from a distance while maintaining relative safety.

To effectively combat the Spitter Bugs, caution and precision are paramount. These creatures tend to stay at a distance, exploiting their ranged advantage. Stay aware of your surroundings and take cover behind solid structures or natural obstacles to minimize exposure. Engage them with sustained, accurate fire to eliminate their threat before they can launch their deadly spines.

Furthermore, swift and decisive action is required to neutralize Spitter Bugs, as their ability to attack from a distance allows them to provide cover fire for other arachnid units. Take them out swiftly and efficiently to disrupt their coordinated assaults and create opportunities for our forces to advance.

Recruits, be vigilant and watch for the telltale signs of the Spitter Bugs. Listen for the whistling sound that accompanies their spine launch, and keep an eye out for any protrusions or movement from their elongated proboscis. By detecting and eliminating them early, we can minimize casualties and maintain the momentum of our offensive.

Remember, recruits, our training and expertise equip us to face the Spitter Bugs head-on. Stay disciplined, work as a team, and utilize your weaponry and tactics to neutralize this ranged threat. We will not allow their deadly spines to deter us from our mission.

Stay focused, stay alert, and remember that our strength lies in our unity. Together, we will overcome the Spitter Bugs and emerge victorious in the battle against the arachnid menace.

Starship Troopers Extermination Guide

Enemy class “Grenadier”

Attention, Mobile Infantry recruits! Stand at attention for a critical briefing on the formidable and explosive adversary known as the Grenadier Bug. This arachnid variant is a specialized ground unit that poses a significant threat on the battlefield.

The Grenadier Bug is a fearsome creature equipped with a unique ability to launch devastating explosive projectiles at our forces. These formidable adversaries are characterized by their oversized thoraxes, which house the volatile ammunition they carry. The Grenadier Bugs are the arachnid equivalent of artillery, raining down explosive devastation upon our ranks.

With incredible accuracy and destructive power, the Grenadier Bugs can launch explosive globules at impressive distances. These globules detonate upon impact, releasing a lethal combination of shrapnel and concussive force. A single well-placed explosion from a Grenadier Bug can wreak havoc on our troops, causing severe injuries and significantly impacting our offensive capabilities.

Identifying and neutralizing Grenadier Bugs requires utmost caution and precision. These creatures often position themselves behind cover or within the arachnid formations, using the chaos of battle to their advantage. Their ability to strike from a distance means that exposure in the open is particularly hazardous.

When engaging Grenadier Bugs, prioritize eliminating them swiftly and efficiently. Utilize cover and maneuverability to approach their positions, taking advantage of their limited mobility. Suppressing fire and coordinated assaults are effective tactics to neutralize these threats while minimizing casualties.

Keep in mind that the Grenadier Bugs are often protected by other arachnid units, such as Warrior Bugs or Hopper Bugs. Disrupt their support network and target the Grenadier Bugs directly to diminish their effectiveness. By neutralizing their explosive capabilities, we can gain the upper hand and weaken the arachnid assault.

Remember, recruits, the Grenadier Bugs pose a significant threat to our forces. Stay vigilant, anticipate their attacks, and communicate effectively to coordinate your actions. By working together, we can eliminate these explosive adversaries and turn the tide of battle in our favor.

Stay disciplined, stay focused, and remember that our training has prepared us to face the most formidable adversaries. The Grenadier Bugs may strike fear, but we are the Mobile Infantry, and we will overcome. Together, we shall prevail and ensure victory over the arachnid horde!

Enemy class “Tiger Elite Warrior”

Attention, Mobile Infantry recruits! Prepare for an essential briefing on the ferocious and highly dangerous adversary known as the Tiger Elite Warrior Bug. This variant of the arachnid menace is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

The Tiger Elite Warrior Bug is a pinnacle of arachnid evolution, designed for devastating close-quarters combat. These formidable creatures stand at an imposing height of over twelve feet, with an enhanced exoskeleton that provides unparalleled protection against conventional weaponry. Their presence demands heightened vigilance and unwavering discipline.

These elite warriors exhibit exceptional agility, speed, and predatory instincts. Their razor-sharp claws and fangs can rip through armor and flesh with horrifying ease, making them formidable adversaries in close combat. Their strength and endurance surpass that of other arachnid castes, enabling them to endure sustained assaults and engage in protracted engagements.

Tiger Elite Warrior Bugs are known for their strategic intelligence, often leading arachnid assaults and coordinating their forces with uncanny precision. Their ability to adapt to changing battlefield conditions and exploit weaknesses in our defenses poses a considerable threat to our forces.

Engaging the Tiger Elite Warrior Bugs requires a combination of discipline, firepower, and strategic maneuvering. Maintain a safe distance to minimize their lethal reach, utilizing cover and flanking tactics to gain advantageous positions. Concentrated, sustained fire is essential to breach their enhanced exoskeleton and neutralize these formidable adversaries.

Remember, recruits, the Tiger Elite Warrior Bugs are not easily deterred. They possess unmatched tenacity and determination, charging relentlessly at our forces. Maintain your composure, utilize your training, and fight as a cohesive unit. Exploit their vulnerabilities and use your combined strength to overcome their ferocious onslaught.

Be aware that the Tiger Elite Warrior Bugs are often accompanied by other arachnid units, acting as their protectors and reinforcements. Targeting these additional threats alongside the Tiger Elite Warriors is crucial to disrupt their coordinated assaults and gain the upper hand in battle.

Stay vigilant, recruits, and communicate effectively with your squadmates.

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