Streetball2 On Fire Beginner Guide – Skills, Characters

Welcome to Streetball2 On Fire Beginner Guide and Tips & Tricks. Streetball2: On Fire is a 3v3 real-time basketball competitive mobile game developed by LMD Games. The game allows players to demonstrate their streetball skills, customize their personal fashion, and enjoy a free DIY exclusive basketball court gameplay experience.

Streetball2: On Fire, controls are very optimised and user-friendly, and you can also voice chat to talk to your friends. Players can choose from a versatile lineup of unique players from different countries, customize their abilities and personalities, and create their own exclusive player.

The game offers multiple modes and constantly changing schedules to keep the competition passionate and fresh. The graphics have been improved for smooth gameplay, and anti-hack technology ensures fair and skill-based competition.

Additionally, players can showcase their creativity through the DIY basketball court feature, designing every detail and graffiti decoration according to their preferences. So come and take a look at this Streetball2 On Fire guide and Also Read: Streetball2 On Fire Codes

Streetball2 On Fire Beginner Guide Wiki

How to Build Your Characters in Streetball2 On Fire

Streetball2 On Fire Beginner Guide
Source: StreetBall2onFire Dsicord

There are 3 types of training available: Offense, Skills, and Fitness.

Each type has a maximum of 15 training sessions. The total number of training sessions available is 45, with each training session limited to 9 repetitions.

You can train a total of 5 abilities (e.g., Dunk, Layup, Close, Mid, 3Pts), resulting in a total of 150 attribute points.

In order to fully train all abilities, you will need 1740 training cards (divided among Offense, Skills, and Physical) and 302,000 gold coins.

Each player has 3 free reset chances, and afterwards, diamond resets are required.

However, there are occasions when discounts on resets are offered, such as when a character returns or when a new character is introduced.

Therefore, while training requires careful allocation of points, there is no need to be overly cautious.

Once your account is established and you have several characters with maxed skills and levels, you may find yourself resetting training to try out other characters.

What truly requires caution is player upgrades and player skill advancements, as these cannot be reset at will.

  • Offense
  • Skills
  • Fitness
Streetball2 On Fire Beginner Guide
Source: StreetBall2onFire Dsicord

For each profession, there are 8 general skills available, but each player can only use 3 of them.

When skills are at maximum level, will need 360 Common skill training cards and 213,000 coins.

In the case of fully levelling up all professions (ignoring duplicates with player skills), you will need 960 Common skill training cards and a total of 4,800 general skill training cards, along with 2,960,000 coins.

Common skill training cards
Source: StreetBall2onFire Dsicord

Common skill training cards

General skills add attribute values while upgrading player skills adds mechanics and percentages. The attribute gains from training are much higher than those from general skills. Therefore, it is recommended to prioritize upgrading player skills over general skills as they have a greater impact.

General skills are mainly used to compensate for essential skills that may be lacking in player skills, but their upgrades provide smaller improvements.

Additionally, general skills require a higher amount of coins, making them less cost-effective compared to training. For new or low-budget accounts, it is not recommended to prioritize maxing out general skills initially.

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Streetball2 On Fire F2P Tips

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Playing games, one of the pleasures is to play for free, or at least spend as little money as possible to play like a “whale”. This is what everyone likes to research. Let’s talk about the “free play” strategy for Streetball2 On Fire

Let’s take a look at which game systems can generate a large number of diamonds or development items

Systems for Free Diamond


1. Task – Honour

2. Practice – Advanced Tutorial

3. Personal Information – Gift Wall

4. Career – Star Objective

5. Event – Sign

6. Task – Socials

7. Task – Growth

The above are systems that produce diamonds in a very concentrated manner. Other systems include various rewards from competitions, such as season rewards and weekly Activity rewards.

Development Item Output

Daily/Weekly Task

Daily tasks yield Daily Activity Coins and 5 daily Activity Packs, with an additional 3 Weekly Activity Packs per week. The rewards include a large number of activity coins, diamonds, player advancement cards, Advancement Shard, and Permanent Costume Upgrade Token a lot of great items


The challenge can be participated in for free up to 3 times per day, simply by AFK (Away From Keyboard) gameplay, taking around 10 minutes to complete.

It yields Challenge coins. Additionally, ranking within the top 5,000 grants you daily ranking rewards for 2 times and achieving specific ranking milestones for the first time also unlocks one-time rewards


Similar to Challenge, Rank rewards players with a significant amount of Random Training Packs and gold coins.


Joining a club allows players to complete club tasks and also provides access to the club store where they can purchase Talent Upgrade Materials.

In Summary

Fashion Freebie: Complete daily tasks and exchange at the activity shop.

Training Freebie: Finishing daily diamonds and challenge to obtain diamonds and challenge coins, which can be used to purchase materials.

Skill Freebie: Advanced Shard can be obtained through sign-ins, reaching 1000 activity points. As a free-to-play player, spending vouchers are out of the question, so focus on grinding fragments.

Talent Freebie: Exchange at the club store or use diamonds at the item store.

All the essential items for character development can be obtained through dedicated grinding. If you
grind intensively and accumulate a large number of diamonds, you can even use them to draw for other

Reset Characters

If you want to build another character but find that you’re out of resources?

Find (Player) on the main interface, click on the player you want to [Reset]

After Reset,

100% of the items you used for Upgrade, Skill Advancement and Training will be returned.

100% of the Diamonds are used for unlocking Common Skill Slots and Common Fancy Moves
Slots will be returned.

Caution: The maximum time for Reset one character is 3 times.

How to Increase fps in Streetball2 On Fire

Try the following steps to increase your

1. Go to (Settings), in your [Basic info) find [Display Settings)

2. Choose [Close) for [Shadow) display. You can also Go to [Settings), in the [Match), uncheck all the [Effects) & [Spectators)

That’s it for this Streetball2 On Fire Beginner Guide.

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