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Best 3 Star 4 Stars Summoners War Chronicle Monsters Tier List

Welcome to our Best 3 Star 4 Stars Summoners War Chronicle Monsters Tier List, This guide is created by p a n d a. This Stars Summoners War Chronicle Monsters guide is all about 3 – 4 Stars Monsters which will carry you from early to the end game.

I have to mention that I am not an expert in this game but from my own experience and what I see and ask from others players, these monsters can really carry you to the end game.

Feel free to leave extra comments or suggestions and please let me know if I missed anything.

Stars Summoners War Chronicle Monster Types

There are 6 types of Stars Summoners War Chronicle monsters:


Fights the enemy at the frontline with high defense and survivability.
Protects allies using various methods such as provoke, recovery, beneficial effects, and more.
Charges to the nearest enemy.


Adept at fighting many enemies at once in melee combat with high HP and well-balanced stats.
Strikes a number of enemies with an AoE attack and applies harmful effects to a wide range.
Fights the enemy that attacks or threatens itself.


Specialized in supporting allies instead of attacking directly.
Supports allies with high recovery, removal, and beneficial effects and disrupts the enemy.
Moves to a nearby ally when attacked by an enemy or at low HP.


Neutralizes a number of enemies from a long range with powerful spells.
Deals great damage to a number of enemies or neutralizes spells to gain advantage.
Moves to a safer location to cast spells when an enemy approaches, or upon taking damage.


Takes down the enemy from a long range with their extensive attack range.
Deals great damage to a single target or applies harmful effects to reduce its battle ability.
Attacks the enemy support first and maintains distance from the enemy with deft movement.


Eliminates the most threatening target with powerful single-target damage and harmful effects.
Attempts to remove the archer or magician by approaching the enemy from behind.


Monsters come in different rarities 1 – 6 ★, with higher-rarity monsters being stronger but harder to obtain.


Monsters belong to one of five elements Fire, Water, Wind, Dark and light, each with strengths and weaknesses against other elements.


Every monster has skills that can deal damage or provide buffs/debuffs in combat.


Runes can enhance a monster’s abilities and come in six types with different bonuses.


Monsters can be evolved by feeding them other monsters to become stronger and unlock new skills.

3 Star Summoners War Chronicle Monsters Tier List

Let’s get to the point of this guide:

To progress more easily in the early game, focus on obtaining monsters and building a strong team.

I know that 5★ monsters are essential in the late game and stronger than 3★ or 4★ monsters, but they require more upgrade resources and are harder to find and progress quickly.

In the early game, it is more practical to prioritize developing 3 – 4★ monsters as they use fewer resources and are easier to obtain.

But if you are a whale you can go for 5★, but these 3 – 4★ monsters still useful.

Here are some ★★★ monsters that can carry you from early to end game content and beyond.

#★★★ Pixie (Wind)

Support Monster that provides valuable buffs throughout the game.
Its debuff skills lower the enemy’s attack and defense, while its buff skills boost ally’s attack and defense.
As a result, the Wind Pixie is a versatile buffer that can be useful in all stages of the game.

# ★★★ Garuda (Water)

Knight Monster can remain viable in the late game with the right runes.
It has skills that reduce the cooldown of the summoner’s and other monsters’ skills, and it provides healing based on its HP.
Overall, the Water Garuda is a useful support monster that can play a key role in a team that focuses on cooldown reduction and sustain.

# ★★★ Fairy (Fire)

Mage monster that serves as a versatile damage dealer.
Its skills can apply attack and defense debuffs to the enemy, as well as remove attack and defense buffs from them.

Both of its first two skills are area attacks, making it effective against groups of enemies.
Overall, the Fire Fairy is a solid choice for a damage-dealing unit that can also provide debuffs to the enemy team.

★★★ Dark and Light (This might me harder to obtain)

# ★★★ Garuda (Light)

Same as the water Garuda but his heal will base on target’s max hp also he can revive 1 ally

# ★★★ Harpy (Dark)

Harpy can stun the target with a certain chance if the last hit critically hits. And each hit has a certain chance to apply DEF DOWN. Activates link skill 2 additional times.

4 Star Summoners War Chronicle Monsters Tier List

# ★★★★ Martial Cat (Wind)

Applies a DMG Taken UP debuff to the enemy with skill 1 and additionally applies ATK DOWN if the target is a boss. A strong DPS unit viable until mid-late game. (Good synergy with 3★ Pixie (Wind).)

# ★★★★ Epikion Priest (Fire)

Recover the HP of nearby allies and applies Invincibility to the team members and itself if the target’s HP is below a certain ratio. The recovery amount is based on its MAX HP. She can also apply Invincibility to nearby allies.

Hope you find this Best 3 Star 4 Stars Summoners War Chronicle Monsters Tier List guide helpful. Find the best game tier lists and game guides at Theclashify. Level up your gameplay today.

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